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Learn and master your inline skating online with
Asha’s professional tuition, in easy-to-follow video format.

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Choose from the following 3 Course Series, each contains training for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
How to Skate – The must-have course with a variety of essential skills at each level (see below for all 3 courses)
How to Skate for Fitness – Skate correctly (push, glide, regroup) without injury making bad habits (Basic Stride, Fitness Stride, Double Push – see below).
Stops & Slides – Pick & Mix the Stops you need from; Heel Brake, Stepping Plough, T-Stop, Lunge Turn Stop, Powerslide 4 ways.
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New for Nov 2022
Stops & Slides

Professional step-by-step video training for the adult inline skater who wants to be safe & confident with several functioning stopping methods.
Each training contains a Downloadable Practice Exercise Summary for easy reference during practice.
Stopping well allows you to fully enjoy all outdoor skating disciplines without the fear of falls & collisions.

Choose from the following stops:

  • Heel Brake Stop
  • Stepping Plough Stop
  • T-Stop
  • Lunge Turn Stop
  • Powerslide 4 ways
    (forward entry options)

Pick & mix the lessons you want.

Heel Brake Stop

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Heel Brake Stop


Plough Stops

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Plough Stop



Inline Skating Stops & Slides - T-Stop


Lunge/Turn Stop

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Lunge Turn Stop


Powerslide 4 Ways

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Powerslide


Beginner Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Beginner

A professional step-by-step course for the absolute novice to prepare you to skate and master the basics of inline skating, stopping and turning. Course contains weeks of training material.


How to skate for speed/fitness beginner online course - Skatefresh

How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Beginner

Develop your Basic Skating Stride with step-by-step instructions that will eradicate your bad habits and get you fit while you skate.


“Thank you so much for your amazing videos. I purchased the beginner and intermediate How to Skate courses and they have been great! You have taken me from a complete beginner inline skater who could barely stand up and now I feel comfortable on my skates. “

– Tom Kagal (28), Melbourne, Australia

“Asha is a super good teacher- I love her approach and professionalism while still being fun, relaxed & personable. I truly adore the way Asha teaches – she stands out in the crowd.”

– Gabby O’neill (51), Los Angeles, USA

Intermediate Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Intermediate

Take your skating to the next level (and fix any issues) with this professional, easy-to-follow course full of essential skills; Stops, Stride work, Turns, Crossovers and Backward Skating.


How to skate for speed-fitness intermediate online course - Skatefresh

How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Intermediate

This is the course for every skater who wants to develop their Fitness Stride so that it’s powerful, fast, on the correct edges, glides effortlessly and looks impressive.


“Great help and concise instruction. Asha has a knack for breaking down a skill into parts and teaching each part needed to master the skill. I’ll be getting the other courses as well.”

– Jeff Jorgensen (38) Denmark

“You are, without doubt, a master teacher. Your videos and teachings are just fantastic! It is plain to see that you have a gift for what you’re doing. I can totally relate to your method and feel you lay out a clear plan, with appropriate and manageable steps, to help anyone achieve their desired goals.”

– Graham T. (42) Houston, TX, USA

Advanced Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Advanced

Want to skate like Asha? This course teaches you how. Learn and master the tricky moves and combos (in step-by-step format) that will give your skating the “wow” factor.


How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Advanced

Learn the Double Push from scratch (without the confusion and frustration). This step-by-step course breaks down the Double Push into 12 progressive exercises for easy to follow success.