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Choose from the following 3 Course Series, each contains training for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
How to Skate – The must-have course with a variety of essential skills at each level.
How to Skate for Fitness – Skate correctly (push, glide, regroup) without injury making bad habits (Basic Stride, Fitness Stride, Double Push).
How to Stop – Master the use of your brake or ensure a functioning range of non-heel brake stops (that stop you from your highest speeds).

Beginner Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Beginner

A professional step-by-step course for the absolute novice to prepare you to skate and master the basics of inline skating, stopping and turning. Course contains weeks of training material.

$69.99 inc. VAT

How To Skate for Fitness: Beginner

Develop your Basic Skating Stride with step-by-step instructions that will eradicate your bad habits and get you fit while you skate.

$41.99 inc. VAT

How To Stop : Beginner

Avoid the painful falling and embarrassment of not being able to stop whenever you need to with these essential first stops on inline skates, including down slopes.

$35.99 inc. VAT

“Thank you so much for your amazing videos. I purchased the beginner and intermediate How to Skate courses and they have been great! You have taken me from a complete beginner inline skater who could barely stand up and now I feel comfortable on my skates. “

– Tom Kagal (28), Melbourne, Australia

“Asha is a super good teacher- I love her approach and professionalism while still being fun, relaxed & personable. I truly adore the way Asha teaches – she stands out in the crowd.”

– Gabby O’neill (51), Los Angeles, USA

Intermediate Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Intermediate

Take your skating to the next level (and fix any issues) with this professional, easy-to-follow course full of essential skills; Stops, Stride work, Turns, Crossovers and Backward Skating.

$77.99 inc. VAT

How To Skate for Fitness: Intermediate

This is the course for every skater who wants to develop their Fitness Stride so that it’s powerful, fast, on the correct edges, glides effortlessly and looks impressive.

$83.99 inc. VAT

How To Stop : Intermediate

If you skate without a heel brake you’ll need these 3 new dynamic stops to keep you safe and stopping whenever you want to. With better stops, your speed and fitness will improve as a consequence.

$39.99 inc. VAT

“Great help and concise instruction. Asha has a knack for breaking down a skill into parts and teaching each part needed to master the skill. I’ll be getting the other courses as well.”

– Jeff Jorgensen (38) Denmark

“You are, without doubt, a master teacher. Your videos and teachings are just fantastic! It is plain to see that you have a gift for what you’re doing. I can totally relate to your method and feel you lay out a clear plan, with appropriate and manageable steps, to help anyone achieve their desired goals.”

– Graham T. (42) Houston, TX, USA

Advanced Inline Skate Courses

How To Skate: Advanced

Want to skate like Asha? This course teaches you how. Learn and master the tricky moves and combos (in step-by-step format) that will give your skating the “wow” factor.

$95.99 inc. VAT

How To Skate for Fitness: Advanced

Learn the Double Push from scratch (without the confusion and frustration). This step-by-step course breaks down the Double Push into 12 progressive exercises for easy to follow success.

$83.99 inc. VAT

How To Stop : Advanced

Want to Stop and Slide like Asha? This course teaches you the back Powerslide (with two forward entries) plus the Hockey/Parallel Stop. Let the badass skater in you out to play!

$53.99 inc. VAT