How To Quad/Roller Skate : Beginner & Intermediate

Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning to quad skate with a professional instructor using proven methods.

Expand your skate skills so you are safe, smooth and confident on your quads.

Get moving safely, learn and master several stopping methods and progressively add new skills to your skating repertoire.

Are you an adult quaddie skating alone, wanting to learn beginner and intermediate level skills?

Are you curious about Roller Derby but need to skate better first?

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You need these courses if you;

Want to learn

to skate safely without falling

Can’t skate or stop

without feeling tense and precarious

Prefer clear straight-forward instructions

No guess work. No confusion

Prefer to follow a step-by-step program

rather than leave it to trial and error

Like the idea of learning progressively

with a structured course so you’ll know exactly what to do at each stage in the process

Know there are certain skills that still frustrate

and elude you by trying to copy friends or Youtube. Stops and Transitions are usually top of this list

How to Quad / Roller Skate – Beginner

Lessons include:

Weight & Stance
Static Preparations (Free Trial)
Basic Movement (Free Trial)
Skating Stride
Toe Stop Drag
Plough Stop


How to Quad / Roller Skate – Intermediate

Lessons include:

T-Stop (Free Trial)
Backwards Skating
Backwards Scissors
Forwards Crossovers
Backwards Toe Stop
Backwards Crossovers
Quads Outro


How You’ll Benefit

You will:
  • Learn the position that stops you falling and keeps you balanced – always.
  • Take control and stop whenever you want to in seconds.
  • How to “feel your feet” and why that’s fundamental.
  • Perfect stopping every time with various stopping methods; Toe Stop Drag, Plough, T-Stop (get it FREE today).
  • Understand thoroughly the mechanics of even more complex moves.
  • Reduce the painful ‘non-method’ of trial and error by learning with a progressive sequence of exercises that have been used by thousands of skaters globally.
  • Develop your skating by activating a broad range of skills (stride work, various stops, turns, backwards, jumps etc).
  • Identify and fix the common problems that naturally arise at each stage.

“Your tutorials are first class, it is obvious that you have extensive experience with skating, and teaching. The most crucial points for progressing are addressed and explained systematically and in a very “user friendly” way. Just great! I would recommend your online courses to anybody.”
– Mitja Svoljsak (47) Slovenia

“Thank you so much for the great work that you’re doing. Your step-by-step instructions are great. There was not a single skating session that disappointed me – I always had the impression I learned something new. I admire your creativity and the love, passion and patience that make you such a great teacher!”
– Florian Forbes (46) Germany

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“Asha explains very clearly where the balance and focus should be. I was missing a clear explanation of what each part of the body should be doing and equally what it should not be doing. I feel very positive and can’t wait for the weekend to practice some more.”

Sarah McDonald, Calgary

“These lessons were my best investment in skating! Your instructions have been incredibly valuable. The finest teachings I’ve had on anything by far.”

Rachelle (57) Florida USA