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Asha recommends for all your skating equipment needs. UK based is run by skaters passionate about skating. They offer great customer service, ship worldwide and offer free next day delivery for purchases over £149.

Yup, we know, it’s super overwhelming how many skates there are to choose from out there and how many decisions you need to make when you buy a pair of skates.
Knowing what kind of skating you’ll be doing can really help you choose wisely and avoid buying the wrong skates, only to realise too late.

We go into this in much more detail in our 40 page E-Book “Let’s Skate” where we walk you through the differences between inline and quad skates and demystify all the skate genres (recreational, fitness, speed, freestyle, aggressive, derby etc) so that you know what you are looking at when searching for skates. Find out more here.

Listed below is a selection of the skates that we like and regularly recommend to our students because we know they are high quality that will last and give you the support to skate properly.

We’ve chosen several skates in each price category (low, medium, high) to help you select your skates with less stress, knowing you won’t pick a dud pair. These links take you straight to our friends at We cannot guarantee stock availability.

Lower Price Range Skates (under 220 GBP)

These skates are ideal for the first few years of inline skating. They are for skaters wanting to be outdoors for recreation, fitness and general all round skating.
Many Powerslide skates don’t come with a brake included so you’ll need to buy a Powerslide HABS (Height Adjustable Braking System) in addition to the skates (and make sure you learn to use it properly).

Powerslide Next Burgundy Grey 90 2020 Skates

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Powerslide Next 80 Grey Skates

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Powerslide Next 80 Black/Red 2021 Skates

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Powerslide Next 100 Grey 2021 Womens Skates

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Medium Price Range Skates (220 – 350 GBP)

If you get the right skate in this price range they should last you forever with just wheels needing replacing. You may still want a heel brake option if you are street skating or reaching higher speeds (unless your stopping methods without a heel brake are top notch). Choosing between 3 or 4 wheels if your main decision. Larger wheels are faster and smoother over the rough but they are harder to stop in, less manouverable and edge control is more challenging. If your technique is weak on 3 wheels you’ll know about it.
We LOVE the Powerslide Next skates and all our clients tell us they are “comfy right out of the box”

1. Powerslide Next Core Black 100 Freeskates (no brake)

2. Powerslide Next Grey 100 Freeskate (no brake, accepts HABS Small)

3. Powerslide Doop Purple Dusk 90 Freeskates (with brake)

4. Powerslide Next Pro 110 Freeskates (no brake accepts HABS Small)


Higher Price Range Skates (over 300 GBP)

These skates are pro level and designed for lots of use. If you are going to 125s then ensure you are already familiar and comfortable with 110s (and your stopping methods are spot on already) as the increase in wheel size is noticeable. Evos and Taus are more for slalom, freestyle, urban and tricks skating.

1. Powerslide Next Brown 125! Freeskates (no brake, accepts HABS Large)

2. Powerslide Hardcore Evo Pro Freeskates 2021 model

3. Powerslide Tau Carbon 90 Trinity Freeskates 2021 model