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It can be super overwhelming how many skates there are to choose from out there and how many decisions you need to make when you buy a pair of skates. Here are some models that Asha recommends, available from our friends at Locoskates (who specialise in delivery worldwide).

Locoskates is probably the UK’s most popular shop for skates and the team there consists of passionate professionals who love to inline skate. Their website has a huge range of skates (consisting of aggressive, inline skates & roller skates) all with the option of worldwide delivery. We have no hesitation in recommending them for all your skating equipment needs and in our experience, their customer service is second to none.

Knowing what kind of skating you’ll be doing can really help you choose wisely and avoid buying the wrong skates. The skates recommended here are suitable for recreational, street, slalom and general fitness skating.

If you are confused about whether to skate on 4 or 3 wheel set ups, know that it’s easier to control edges and avoid pronation on 4 smaller wheels. Three larger wheels are faster and maintain speed more easily (but this creates additional stopping challenges unless your stops are well mastered. You can move from 4 wheels to 3 wheels by sticking to “Trinity” frames and keeping your boot when you ‘graduate’ to 3 larger wheels.

Here are the models of inline skate which we regularly recommend to our students because we know they are high quality that will last and give you the support to skate properly:

Powerslide Imperial (4 wheels)

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Powerslide Zoom at

Powerslide Zoom (3 or 4 wheels)

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Powerslide Next skates at

Powerslide Next (3 or 4 wheels)

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Powerslide Hardcore Evo skates at

Powerslide Hardcore Evo (worn by Asha)

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You may find that the more you research the more confused you become. If you’d like more information about the differences between roller skates and inline skates, the different types of skates for the various genres (recreational, fitness, speed, freestyle, aggressive, derby etc), we highly recommend Asha’s “Let’s Skate” 40 page E-Book which is an amazing resource for new skaters or those thinking of taking up skating. Check it out here.