Online Courses FAQ’s

Q: What happens after I purchase an online course or package?
A: When you submit your order you’ll either be asked to login, or, if not already registered, create a username and password for this site (skatefresh.com).
Once logged in, you can access your course(s) in the ‘My Account’ section (you will need a working internet connection to access your course). You will also receive an email confirmation of your order.

Q: Why is the course I recently bought not showing in “My Account” or on “My Courses” page?
A: Firstly, please check that you are logged in to the site using your username and password that you set up previously or if this is your first order with us, the username and password that you chose at checkout. If you see the word “login” in the menu at the top of the site, it means that you are not logged in.
Secondly, sometimes the payment processing takes a little while to go through and it can result in a delay to the courses showing.
If you are logged in and you still can’t see your course after 30mins or so, please try clearing your browser cache, instructions here: https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/
If that still doesn’t work, please email us at jeremy@jckwebdesign.com and we will investigate further.

Q: I’ve tried to login to my previously bought courses but I can’t get access?
A: If you bought one of Asha’s online courses BEFORE October 2020, your courses will remain in your Dashboard at www.InlineSkateCourse.com. Please login there for your lifetime access to your video trainings. If you would like to have access to the courses you bought before October 2020 on this website, please send us an email at jeremy@jckwebdesign.com and we will get them copied over from inlineskatecourse.com

Q: Are my credit card details secure?
A: Yes. Stripe & Paypal are secure payment portals accepting credit card payments and transfers.

Q: Can I get access to the course all at once or will it be delivered in pieces?
A: Yes, you will receive the entire course every time you access it.
You can scan the entire course first and then hopefully choose to work through the exercise sequence systematically over several months. You should not be able to do the entire course from the beginning. You will reach a level where the current exercise is very challenging and not yet easy and perfect and that’s where you should remain, training ALL the previous exercises to that point. In time that difficult exercise will be mastered and you can then ‘graduate’ onto the next slightly more difficult one in the sequence.

Q: How long will I have access to this course?
A: Forever. Once purchased the material is yours. If you need to take a break from skating you can then return and still access your course(s).

Q: Can I download my courses so that I can access them offline?
A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the videos so that they can be viewed without an internet connection. However, several of the courses have downloadable exercise summaries and practice notes in pdf form, which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet and can therefore be referred to without the internet.

Q: Can I post and share experiences about using the course on social media and in my skate circles?
A: Yes please do! There are very few professional quad skating online trainings around so sharing your experiences and feedback on social media helps others to know what’s “out there”. Please feel free to tag @skatefreshasha on Instagram or Skatefresh Asha on Facebook. Asha often shares IG Stories of this nature on her Stories (viewed by around 1000 people a day).

London/Brighton Skate Classes & Private Lessons FAQ’S

Q. How can I book a group class?
A. You can register and book a place in a group skating class directly from the appropriate page on the website, e.g. Beginner, Advanced, etc. Payment is by credit card or Paypal via a secure link.

Q. Where will my lesson take place?
A. Most lessons and classes take place in Hyde Park on Serpentine Road or in Kensington Gardens at the Albert Memorial, though other venues are used for more advanced group classes. You will be given this information and a map when you book.

Q. Can I borrow skates for my lesson?
A. Skatefresh doesn’t own skates or safety pads to lend to clients. We recommend the skate shop “Slick Willies” at 12 Gloucester Road, South Kensington, London SW7 4RB who charge £10 to rent skates and safety kit but they are not renting skates during the Covid pandemic due to the excessive cleaning that would be required to make the rental skates “safe”.

Q. I don’t have a helmet. Can I still have a lesson?
A. Helmets are compulsory for children, a cycle helmet is fine. Helmets are highly recommended for adults especially beginners but are not compulsory.

Q. I want to book more than one private lesson. Do you offer a discount for multiple lessons?
A. Yes, we offer a discounted package of 5 one-hour private lessons for £175 with a Level 1 instructor. That’s £5 off each lesson. Check out other prices on the Private Lesson page.

Q. I bought my skates from Slick Willies shop in London and they say I can have a free lesson. How can I apply for this?
A. You are entitled to attend the first hour of a two-hour group Beginner or Improver lesson free. Full price is £35 so you would pay £17.50 (or you can leave the class after your first free hour). Please upload your receipt and we will send you a Coupon Code to use when booking your group lesson.

Q. What happens if it’s due to rain on the day of my class?
A. Your instructor will contact you by text as early as possible on the day of the lesson to cancel. You can reschedule private lessons at your convenience or transfer to a future group class.

Q. What if I feel unwell on the day of my lesson or I am “pinged” by the NHS COVID App before my lesson/class?
A. We want to make sure we run no risk of anyone being infected by COVID-19. Please DO NOT come to your lesson or class but inform us as soon as possible via text to your instructor AND an email to bookings@skatefresh.com.
We can reschedule your class/lesson for a future date.

Q. How can I book a private lesson?
A. Contact Trish at bookings@skatefresh.com and tell her when you are free. She will find an instructor for you, arrange the lesson and tell you how to pay.

Q. Can I have private lessons with my child?
A. Yes, we encourage parents to learn alongside their children as it gives you a family activity to enjoy together. Just be aware that the lesson will be aimed at the child and you will be expected to respond accordingly.

Q. What should I bring to my skate class or private lesson?

    • Skates – inlines or quads, either are fine. Must have heel brake (inlines) or toe stops (quads).
    • Protective Gear – minimum requirement is wrist and knee pads. No pads – no lesson!
    • Helmets are highly recommended but not compulsory – bike helmets are fine.

Socks that come higher than your boot to protect your ankle.

  • Drinking water
  • Sun protection cream if the weather calls for it
  • Small bag/rucksack for your shoes and belongings. Bags will be secured together in sight during the lesson.
  • A plastic bag to sit on while kitting up (sometimes there’s not enough bench space for everyone).

Q. What are the ideal clothes to wear to a lesson?

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for movement.
  • Layers so you can take off something when you get warm.

Q. Where can I leave my things while I skate?
A. A backpack is useful so you can secure your personal belongings to a bench. Instructors carry long bike locks for this purpose.

Q. I can’t get to the skate lesson locations such as Hyde Park. Can you send an instructor to my local park to teach me?
A. Usually not, unless you are prepared to pay for their extra travel time. Please mention this on booking your lesson.

Q. What’s the difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 instructor?
A. Level 1 instructors in Skatefresh are trained and certified to teach beginner and improver level skaters. Level 2 instructors can teach intermediate skaters as well.

Q. Does Skatefresh have public liability insurance?
A. Unlike some skate schools, Skatefresh and all Skatefresh instructors are fully insured with Public Liability cover up to £10 million.

Miscellaneous Skating FAQ’s

Q. How many lessons will I need before I can skate confidently?
A This varies from person to person and will depend on whether you ever skated before (even as a child years ago), whether you’ve done other sports and what levels of fear you may begin with. This question is best asked after at least your first lesson when your instructor can give you a more valid and personal assessment.

Q I am a beginner. Which type of skates would you recommend? Inlines or quads? 3 wheels or 4?
A This is a huge topic as there is so much information available on the differences between both quads and inlines and within inline skating, whether 3 or 4 wheels are more appropriate for you. This topic has been covered in detail in our “Let’s Skate E-Book” which covers important topics such as Quads vs Inlines? 3 or 4 wheels? Price ranges? Inline skate anatomy? This ebook also contains 3 beginner starter lessons (whichever skates you’ve chosen) so that your first outings on skates are not terrifying and you know exactly what to do to find your balance, propel yourself consciously and know how to stay safe while being on wheels. More info about the E-Book here: https://skatefresh.com/product/lets-skate-e-book/

Q. When can I remove my heel brake?
A. You are safe to remove your heel brake when you have 2-4 other stopping methods that work (that means methods that actually stop you from your medium-high speed). If those methods are not proficient and they do not stop you then you aren’t safe to skate without a heel brake.
Would you drive a car or bike with the brakes removed?

Q. I keep falling over! What do you recommend?
A. Take a lesson! If you are falling this is a sign you have not consciously found your balance on your skates and your process is then random ‘trial-and-error’. This will not lead to safe and happy skating. Whether online or in person, taking a lesson will give you the technical information you need to succeed. Try our FREE Online Beginner starter lessons which can be used for inline and quad skaters alike. The theories are the same for both kinds of skates.

Q. What skates would you recommend for my young child? I don’t want to buy new ones each year as their feet grow.
A. Children’s skates now come with extendable boots which means that you can push a button and the skate “grows” through 4 foot sizes. This means a pair of skates will last several years while your child’s feet continue to grow. We recommend Powerslide’s range for children but there are other brands that may be cheaper:  Rollerblade, Bladerunner, K2, Roces, Seba to name a few. A visit to a good skate shop is recommended.  Make sure you always buy skates with a heel brake so we can teach your child to stop.

Q. Where can I buy skates and skating equipment from?
A. We have no hesitation in recommending www.locoskates.com. They are staffed by skaters, have a fantastic reputation for customer service, and they ship worldwide.