Brighton Skating Lessons

17 May 2020Once a month, during the skating season (usually April to November), Skatefresh holds group classes in Brighton for children and adults:  Kids Club, Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced levels.


All classes are held at Hove Lawns skating area, past the Lawns Café in front of the painted beach huts.

Places are limited so please book in advance by clicking the relevant type of class below, telling us your details and the date you would like to attend.

Monthly skating classes for adults in Brighton

Next Classes:
Sunday 17 May 2020

Adult Beginner Group Lessons in Brighton

12pm – 1.30pm.  Cost £15
Start at the very beginning with safety stuff, gentle stride and of course stopping (using your heel brake or toe stops).

Adult Improver Classes in Brighton

1.30pm – 3pm. Cost £15
Start at Improver level if you have taught yourself to skate (on either inlines or quads) and can get around on your wheels but your heel brake stopping isn’t working well and you don’t feel secure on slopes or in emergency situations. Or you’ve completed our Beginner class and want to take things to the next level. The focus point of  Improver  is to increase your confidence by learning (and mastering) to stop correctly.

Adult Intermediate Workshops in Brighton

3.30pm – 5pm. Cost £15
Intermediate level is for skaters wanting to learn new stops, backwards skating and confident turns.  We will also look at improving your stride, speed and crossovers.

Adult Advanced Workshops in Brighton

5pm – 6pm. Cost £10
Polish your backwards skating and hone your transitions, jumps, spins, back crossovers, three turns and other requested moves. Let us know what you’d like to cover.

Kids Club Brighton

Next Classes: Monthly skating classes for children:

To Be Confirmed later.
12.30pm – 1.45pm.  
Cost £10
These group classes are suitable for kids aged 6-11 who can already skate a bit on their own. Using games and rolling activities we will guide your child through the basic skills of inline skating, ensuring they have lots of fun and plenty of movement. We will focus on skate safety, stopping methods, and giving them a variety of exercises to support their learning.

If your child is a complete beginner there will be a half-hour preparatory class to teach the basics starting at 12pm and costing £15 for one child. If more children need this introduction the cost can be shared.

All children must bring skates (inlines please) to the lesson and also protective wrist and knee guards and a helmet (cycle helmet is fine). Without safety kit they will not be allowed to join the class. Plastic skates are not recommended.

A  maximum of 10 children in the group, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Private lessons with Asha in Brighton

£65 an hour (for 1 person)
£80 an hour (for 2 people)
£100 an hour (for 3 people)

Private lessons in Brighton with Asha can be arranged when she is free.
To arrange a private lesson please complete the booking form below with your contact details and when you would like your lesson. Minimum protective gear must be worn (knee and wrist pads – helmets for kids). All private clients meet to the left of the Pier on Brighton sea front.

Locoskates Customers

If you are a LocoSkates customer and have purchased a pair of inline skates you are entitled to £10 discount on a beginner group lesson or one free Kids Club session. Please state ‘LocoSkates Lesson’ when booking.

Brighton Hove Lawns

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