Stops & Slides Online Training

Never suffer from fear of downhill slopes again

“After that fall, I realised that if I didn’t get good at stopping, I would have to give up skating.
Asha’s online stops training totally worked and now I’m hooked…”

– Abraham Escalante (35) Canada

“Skatefresh teachings are second to none. Completely changed my life.”
– Jules Emmerson – Google Review

You need this course if you;

  • Are you an inline skater who is having trouble stopping.
  • Want to reduce falls & gain confidence on slopes with better stopping methods?
  • Know that on downhill slopes you sometimes can’t control your speed or stop at will?
  • Prefer to follow a step-by-step program rather than leave it to trial & error?
  • Like the idea of learning progressively with sequenced exercises so you’ll know exactly what to do at each stage of the process?
  • Prefer clear, straightforward instructions?
    No guess work. No confusion.
  • Want to easily fix the common problems that usually occur using corrective exercises.

NEW for 2024 – Powerstop Course

Learn the famous PowerStop using the Skatefresh Method of progressions. This training includes the prerequisite turns and turn stops which will add valuable (easier) skills to your repertoire on the way to your PowerStop.
The course contains weeks to months of material depending on your current level. Over 2 hours of instructional and correctional video content.
Each skill comes with a Common Problems chapter where your mistakes will be identified and fixed!
Use the Downloadable Practice Exercise Summaries of all the exercises you’ve seen, so your practice time is structured, easy to follow and productive!

If you aren’t learning or using a forwards entry to backwards Powerslide yet, may I recommend you add this training to your schedule as the Powerslide is THE BEST prerequisite skill for the PowerStop (as confirmed by Bill Stoppard on YouTube).

Stops & Slides

Professional step-by-step video training for the adult inline skater who wants to be safe & confident with several functioning stopping methods.
Each training contains a Downloadable Practice Exercise Summary for easy reference during practice.
Stopping well allows you to fully enjoy all outdoor skating disciplines without the fear of falls & collisions.

Choose from the following stops:

  • Heel Brake Stop
  • Stepping Plough Stop
  • T-Stop
  • Lunge Turn Stop
  • Powerslide 4 ways
    (forward entry options)
  • Powerstop

Pick & mix the lessons you want.

Heel Brake Stop

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Heel Brake Stop


Plough Stops

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Plough Stop



Inline Skating Stops & Slides - T-Stop


Lunge/Turn Stop

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Lunge Turn Stop


Powerslide 4 Ways

Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Powerslide



Inline Skating Stops & Slides - Powerslide


You will learn

  • The static steps that allow you to learn before rolling.
  • A series of easy-to-follow progressive drills that take you step-by-step through each stopping method.
  • How to ‘feel your feet’ and assess your progress.
  • How to take control and stop whenever you want.
  • How to create perfect stopping every time even on slopes.
  • How to fix the common problems.

“Learning online has been a huge challenge and immensely engaging. Thanks so much for your online courses. This has been money well spent”
– Jonathan Billheimer, USA

“The clear instructions from Asha were combined with a clear learning path.”
– Dean Smith – Facebook

“This woman’s videos have improved my skating 100%. Truly one of the best skate coaches out there. I used the Skatefresh online course and they were amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone getting started. Much better than anything on YouTube! Well worth it.”
– Andrew – Google Review

If you’ve already purchased any of the original “How To Stop” courses, please click here to find out the differences