Street Skating Lessons

Please Note: In 2019 we will only run a Street Skating Course if we have a minimum of 8 skaters, so please register your interest by email to   If we have enough skaters we will run the Street Course towards the end of the summer.

About these lessons

The adventure, exhilaration and fitness to be gained from joining one of London’s mass street skates or using skating for your transportation is unbeatable. Skatefresh has specialised in training and preparing skaters for the very real challenges awaiting you on London’s streets and pavements. The street skating lessons take you through all the necessary skills which safe and responsible street skating should include.

The Skatefresh street skating course consists of 2 lessons on two separate days, usually on concurrent weekends. The lesson dates shown are for the first part of the course. You MUST attend both weeks in order to cover the whole syllabus and get some street practice.

What You Will Learn

The first lesson involves one on-skates theory session in the park (learning to skate curbs, obstacles, rough surfaces, hills and acceleration) and then you are taken out onto the streets and pavements of London to apply those skills in the real urban environment. We firmly believe that skaters who attempt mass street skates before they have acquired the necessary skill level, endanger not only themselves but also other participants. If you are street skating already but want more polish and panache then this course will also provide that content.
You will also learn the skills and confidence to skate solo in the city, able to safely navigate pavements, streets and every manhole cover, curbs, pedestrians, and crossing ‘bobbles’ in between.

Course prerequisites

You must be able to stop well using your heel brake on a slope (we start the theory session with a revision of emergency heel braking). If you do not have a heel brake then you must be able to stop using any other stop in a narrow space and on a slope. You must be able to do the scissor position (one skate in front of the other) and you need to be able to do parallel turns in both directions to a minimum of 90 degrees.

Quads skaters

If you are on quads skates and want to do this course it is essential that you have first done our Improver course or that you have had a private lesson and your ability checked. Skating on streets and pavements on quads skates is much more technically challenging than for inline skaters. A quads skater’s ability would need to be better than an inline skater’s, especially in the area of speed generation and fitness as quads are much slower than inlines and speed is what leads to a smooth journey.

Please Note: Knee, wrist guards and helmets compulsory for all street skating lessons.

Check out this video taken on the Wednesday night skate (14th April 2010) by Min Zaw, one of Skatefresh’s clients. Min Zaw started skating in June 2009 and has progressed to being the skater dressed in black going backwards on the street skate. Asha from Skatefresh is the lady in pink, enjoying an evening off, doing what she loves best.

“I did the street skating course and found it very useful for increasing my confidence and making me realise that a street skate was within my capabilities. If I hadn’t done this workshop the Sunday Stroll would have been a lot scarier and no fun at all. I went on the Sunday Stroll and loved it. What a buzz! Now I’m focussing my time on solo street skating and commuting to work regularly. This would have been impossible without the course as it taught me everything involved”. Sandra (40)

I did a few Sunday Strolls just by bumbling through it, but after doing Skatefresh’s street course I realised how much more technique I could have been applying. Knowing what I know now, I feel more relaxed and it’s a real adventure each time you set off. I feel like a kid again. Now I’m starting to pass other people and feel my fitness improving and my stroke actually doing something. It feels really great”. Joseph (46)

Cost : £90
Location: Albert Memorial – opposite the Albert Hall

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