Lesson Equipment Requirements

Skates and Equipment

You will need to bring the following to all Skatefresh lessons:

1. Skates (either inlines or quads) – for all beginner lessons, a heel brake is compulsory (Toe Stoppers required for quads).
2. Wrist Guards
3. Knee Pads

If you do not wear knee and wrist guards you will not be allowed to attend the lesson.


The following are strongly recommended:

4. Elbow Pads
5. Helmet

Note: The only exception is for our Street Skating Lessons where knee, wrist guards and helmets are compulsory.


1. Please avoid very cheap skates (under £80 new) with plastic wheels that do not free roll for at least 3 seconds when spun by hand. If you have these skates, please hire a pair of skates for your first class as we do not allow plastic wheeled skates or wheels that don’t roll in class.
2. Quad skates must have toe stoppers (or heel stoppers).


We strongly recommend the wearing of helmets for all our adult group lessons but the only class for which they are compulsory is the Street Lessons. Cycle helmets are fine as are specific skate helmets. Skatefresh instructors wear helmets at all times in class and non-helmeted skaters are usually in the minority.

Other Recommendations

1. Wear layers of comfortable, sports clothing so that you can remove layers as you get warmer.
2. A rucksack for your things is useful.
3. Do bring something to drink and maybe a light snack as you will have a few breaks during the lesson.

Skate Hire in London

Our partners Slick Willies at 12 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4RB hire good quality skates and protective gear for £10 for the day.

Email us at bookings@skatefresh.com with your shoe size, and we will reserve your skates in advance, speeding up the process on the day. They are 10 mins walk from the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens where Beginner classes take place and 20 mins walk to the Boathouse for Improver and private lessons.

We regret that there are no places to hire skates in Brighton.