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You spend so much time watching (and falling in love with) wizard skating, why not actually use that time to learn wizard skating transitions (using the Skatefresh Progressions Method) & create your own mesmerising wizard flows?

“I loved the detailed instructions in each video lesson, which, if followed carefully and patiently, would pretty much guarantee success! I loved the ‘typical student mistakes’ section of each skill. It often made me laugh out loud, as it’s like you had secretly watched my practice and were picking me up on all the bad stuff! So many learning points in that. I feel my wizard skating is beginning to take shape as I use the course.”
– Melanie Woodford, Halesham, UK

You need this course if you;

  • Are obsessed with watching wizard skating online.
  • Want to learn wizard skating from scratch or develop
    fluency with different kinds of wizard transitions.
  • Are tired of wasting so much time on YouTube
    consuming purely descriptive, unstructured content that leaves you still not knowing exactly what to practice.
  • Are trying the moves over and over but getting frustrated. It’s all way harder than it looks!
  • Suspect that a training plan might be the way to go (you’ve tried everything else!)
  • Are skating a “normal” flat set up or wizard-style rockered frames. This course teaches you the “flipped” versions for flat set ups and then the “cusped” versions for rockered set ups.
  • You prefer clear, step-by-step instructions. No guesswork. No confusion.
  • Dream of being able to sequence several moves into
    ‘can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you’ freestyle wizard flows.
  • Like the idea of learning wizard skating piece by piece, adding previous drills together to build your control consciously.

Have you always wanted to join Asha’s Wizard lessons?

This online video course series allows you to follow the exact same practice exercise progressions used in real wizard skating classes worldwide.

Go at your own pace, in your own time, starting from where you’re at right now.

How to Wizard Skate – Online Course

The Skatefresh Method guides you in how to wizard skate by following a series of progressive movements that train each part of a skill in isolation. These core abilities are then put together to produce the move.

Common problems are identified & fixed. Several skills are then sequenced to produce freestyle wizard flows.

Watch the video content at home then use the Practice Exercise Summary List to know EXACTLY what to practice when on skates. No more wasting your precious practice time. You decide when & where you can skate & for how long.

This four part course was designed to be used sequentially & in FULL, starting with Part 1 (the Pre-requisites). DO NOT skip Part 1, because, without the pre-requisite skills your success in learning how to wizard skate will be limited.

Lack of the prerequisite skills is the #1 REASON you might struggle to wizard skate.

Complete Course Package

The complete Wizard package takes you step-by-step through the four part course. You’ll build upon the core skills in Part 1 & evolve to Gazelle, Cheetah & Lion Transitions. Includes in-depth videos, progresssions pathway, practice notes, common problems analysed & fixed and wizard flow combos.
Suitable for flat set-ups or rockered wizard frames.


how to wizard skate complete course

The complete Wizard package saves you $97 compared to buying the 4 parts individually.

Part 1

Pre-requisite Skills

Wizard-skating -course-part2

Definitely start here for essential core skills which if omitted will seriously hinder your wizard skating progress. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the course, allowing you to develop your weak side safely..

12 Lessons

Wizard Basics
J-Turns x4
Back Scissors x4
Transitions x3
Practice Exercise List

Video content: 1hr 37mins


how to wizard skate part 1

Part 2

Gazelles (2 foot transitions)

Wizard-skating -course-part2

These form the foundation of all wizard skating transitions & will build your fluency on multiple entry & exit curves, forwards, backwards, inside & outside edges plus a new awareness of the upper body.

12 Lessons

Forward+Backward Gazelles x4
Circular Gazelle Combos
S-shaped Gazelle Combos
Practice Exercise List

Video content: 1hr 21mins


how to wizard skate part 2

Part 3

Cheetahs (1 foot assisted Transitions)

Wizard-skating -course-part3-Cheetahs

These moves begin your journey towards the Lions but in the process create a whole new set of moves with impressive sequencing potential. Even your non-wizard skating will improve as a result of learning Cheetahs.

10 Lessons

Forward + Backward Cheetahs x 4
Circular Cheetah Combos
S-shaped Cheetah Combos
Practice Exercise List

Video content: 1hr 24mins


how to wizard skate part 3

Part 4

Lions (1 foot Transitions – 3 Turns)

Wizard-skating -course-part4

The icing on the wizard skating cake. Lions are THE move that sets you apart and reveal your superior control on one skate. Your sequencing will reach new levels as you combine all aspects of the course.

12 Lessons

Forward + Backward Lions x 4
Circular Lion Combos
S-shaped Lion Combos
Practice Exercise List

Video content: 1hr 43mins


how to wizard skate part 4

“I came across your online tutorial on wizard skating a few months ago and bought it in its entirety!

Now that I am more than halfway through, I would like to express my admiration for the quality of the course. In an extremely short time I have improved my skills a lot! In particular, I have developed the ability to stop having bad sides and really learn and master all kinds of turns. It was much easier than I thought. I can’t thank you enough for that!

This is due to the fantastic structure and the easy-to-understand communication of new information, accompanied of course by your excellent skating skills.

I can feel the enormous effort you and your team have put into the course! You have set a benchmark and a reference that I have not seen anywhere else. My admiration for that! You have certainly gained a fan who recommends your tutorials to others.”
– Florian, Germany

How You’ll Benefit

You’ll learn how to wizard skate and exactly what & how to practice safely.

You’ll understand how & why these moves are complex and have a clear path to achieving them, one exercise at a time.

You’ll be eager to skate and engaged in the process of practicing, like never before.
Noticeable improvement is an addictively good feeling.

Conscious practice following the Skatefresh Method of progressions will improve your mental focus, physical health & muscular strength. Diving into a project like Wizard skating could well be the healthiest and most enjoyable moments of your week.

You’ll finally work on your weaker side in a way that’s safe & doable and have the backwards fluency you always wanted.

You’ll gain competence, confidence and safe, beautiful looking Wizard skating.

Conscious practice is basically Meditation in Motion.

“”I have used the Skatefresh Wizard online course for about 3 weeks. I have approached it as an intermediate online student of Asha’s who already had some basics. The progressions are hard on the weak side which needs to be trained but the course itself is improving my skating overall, never mind just Wizarding. The Transitions I’m able to do now I wouldn’t have dreamed possible a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve only used less than half of the course. The course is genius, an amazing process.”
– Cristian Attanasi (48) Italy

What are (and do you need) Wizard specific frames?

Most inline skates come with a “flat” set up, meaning that all the wheels touch the ground for maximum stability. With the advent of Wizard skating, special, subtly rockered frames now allow for more maneuverability to help with the curves of wizard skating. A rockered frame means not all the wheels are touching the ground at the same time (with front and back wheels slightly lifted). This creating a shorter turning circle and allows for easier “cusping” and transitions. The Skatefresh Wizard course teaches you the moves whether you’re on a flat or rockered set up, either flipping or cusping the transitions accordingly.

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