“On my skates I feel free, alive, in the moment, excited yet relaxed, blessed, like an out-of-body experience. Joy I guess.”

– Simon, UK


Skating isn’t easy. Consciously gain control, stability and balance through your movements

Avoid injury and embarrassment and learn to skate (and stop) with professional instruction.

Learn safely, without falling.

Whether in class or online by video, avoid painful “trial and error”. No guesswork. No confusion.

You prefer a structured course, progressive step-by-step instructions, beautiful demos and clear explanations of what you are doing.

Let the Bad-Ass skater in you out to Play!

Save time to reach your skate goals (be they getting fitter, losing some weight, doing a street skate, a Skatefresh Trip or the Berlin Marathon).

The Skatefresh Team of Instructors are certified, experienced, insured and licensed to teach in Hyde Park.

However “uniquely challenging” you think you are, we will get you rolling, with a smile on your face, faster than you ever thought possible.

“Those steps in your Online Course significantly improved my technique and skill level in many areas of inline skating that I was unaware were weak.”

– Josh Moore , New Zealand

Join hundreds of skaters from all over the world who are already training online with Asha.

Asha trained Disney’s “Soy Luna” actors to become expert skate dancers in record time, most of that training was via video.

Skatefresh Online is the first “Virtual Skate School” offering inline skate training with instructional video courses, allowing you to improve your skating by structuring your practice time with proven exercise sequences that lead you to success, stability and confidence on wheels, whatever your level.

Get Asha’s guidance online for FREE and choose from a selection of “much better than YouTube” Tutorials for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level skaters.

Since 2003 Asha has trained and certified 342 new and existing skating instructors worldwide as an Examiner for the ICP (Inline Certification Program).

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