How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Advanced

Banish the confusion and frustration of not knowing how to breakdown the Double Push and what to practice to master this impressive, sprinting, high-speed stride

"....They are absolutely great value for money. All I can say is WOW. If you want to improve your skating, don’t even hesitate!"
- Brendan Martin, Bradford, UK

You need this course if you;

Are a Speed Skater,
Street Skater or Race Skater

who wants to get a competitive edge and an explosive skating stride

Have tried to
learn the Double Push

before but just didn’t get it or didn’t get any additional propulsion from it

Have an additional
“gear” to move into when

you want to overtake that person, sprint to the finish line or get up a slope efficiently

Would like
your high speed

skating to look amazing

Prefer self-study
where you can

learn and practice at your own pace, in your own time

How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Advanced


Learn the Double Push from scratch (without the confusion and frustration). This step-by-step course breaks down the Double Push into 12 progressive exercises for easy to follow success.

Video Lessons included in this course:

You’ll finally understand how the “Second Push” of the Double Push produces additional speed

Learn several drills to help you master this second “push” (first on 2 skates and then gradually towards 1 skate)

Discover how the Regroup of the Double Push is completely different to other Skating Strides

Feel motivated and “on-track” with this 12 stage road map to mastering the Double Push

Understand the common problems and how to fix them

"I found Asha’s YouTube videos first and really liked the way she talked through each move step-by-step. Over the next 12 months, I went through all of her Online Training Courses. They are absolutely great value for money. All I can say is WOW. If you want to improve your skating, don’t even hesitate!"
- Brendan Martin, Bradford, UK

"My daughters are using this course to enhance their speed skating training and help them with their self-practice. They are really enjoying it and are making observable progress despite complaining that their thighs ache after training. An added bonus is that we all get to practice our English listening to Asha "
- Sergio Mendez Araujo, Columbia

“I’ve been skating for more than 30 years but only last year started to really focus on distance skating. I started to look for professional advice to be able to skate faster and particularly to learn the famous Double Push.
That is when I found your course How to Skate for Fitness – Advanced level, which specifically trains the Double Push.
I was suspicious in the beginning and tried just the free parts you offer.
They were completely different from the way I’d been skating.
At first, the price seemed expensive but now I realize the course deserves it.”

- Shu Yoshino, Japan

You want the Double Push, but in easy-to-follow format?
Grab your 2 FREE Double Push training drills and finally understand (and feel) where the additional power comes from.

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