About Us

Our Mission

Skatefresh is an International Online Professional Teaching Academy, with a unique Teaching Strategy.
We provide a “Hub” for all skaters to gain Professional Tuition in the Art of Skating so you have an experience that is Fun, Progressive, Safe and Enjoyable, right from the start.

Skatefresh is a Skate School of 2 halves;

– UK Classes in London and Brighton

– Online Video Course Tuition anywhere in the world.

If you learn properly and skate well, you won’t learn by falling, you’ll feel relaxed and alive and in control of your skates. The feeling of exhilaration is unavoidable when you learn safely and have a Training Plan to follow.


Asha discovered her first pair of skates in a street rubbish bin and went on to be a champion figure skater on Quads in her teens. She represented GB several times in competition and learned classic technique and discipline, essential for top level skating.
In 1999 Asha started Skatefresh, London’s longest running skate school.
Asha has been Training and Certifying Instructors worldwide since 2003 with ICP (Inline Certification Program) and is their most active Examiner. All Skatefresh Instructors in the UK are certified with ICP.

Our Philosophy

Asha and her Team of Instructors are PASSIONATE about skating, because we know first hand the joy, good feelings and connectedness it gives us.
Skating Well makes us Feel Alive with Freedom and Good Health.
Skating Well is not instinctive or intuitive so most skaters need to learn the correct positions and nuances of weight and body control, such of which is super subtle.

Our Teaching Strategy

Each skate move (be it a stride, a stop, a turn or a trick) is made up of several different sections in sequence. Your body has various moving parts you need to control in order to skate that manoeuvre.
This complex mix needs to be learned in careful sequence so the body can acquire each part separately before then being blended with other parts to create the whole move.
So much Instruction ‘out there’ simply demo’s the move and describes what’s happening.
Asha’s methodology comes from 17 years of actually teaching skills to real skaters and having to invent exercise after exercise to achieve the different parts to create the whole.
We’ve done all this with skaters aged 4 – 83 years old.
If they did it, so can you!
If you follow Asha’s progressive exercise sequences which are the trademark of her work, you WILL reach your goals.