Skatefresh Trips

Australia February/March 2023

Asha is visiting Australia in Spring 2023, giving group skating lessons in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne, and organising a skate trip (which includes lessons), in and around Brisbane.
To book a place in one of her group skating classes or register for the trip, click the button.

Belgium Lessons Weekend 21-23 Apr 2023

Join Asha in Roeselare, Belgium for a weekend of lessons in this AMAZING purpose built undercover skate facility, with classes designed to take your skating to the next level and continuous progress for the following months.
If you want to be a better skater then learn from one of the world’s best instructors and make 2023 your skating year to shine!
Asha has over 20 years experience teaching thousands of skaters all over the world.

Zagreb, Croatia June 2023

After the success of 2018’s first trip to Zagreb, Skatefresh are returning to the Croatian capital with a 3 day weekend Special City Trip (with rink training day).

Utrecht Lessons Weekend 1-2 July 2022

Utrecht in the Netherlands is the location for an intense weekend of skating lessons with Asha designed specifically to take your skating to the next level and ensure continuous progress for the following months.
Learn from one of the world’s best instructors, improve your skating, and gain confidence on your skates with lessons on stops, slides, backwards and loads of other skills.
Asha has taught thousands of skaters in countries all over the world with her unique teaching style.

Cambridge, UK 14-16 July 2023

Join Asha for a weekend of stops, slides, slopes & stride training while touring the city and countryside around Cambridge. We’ll work on your stopping methods & slide techniques and make them functional on slopes. You’ll skate a marathon in 2 halves on one day across the flat, smooth Fens and improve your stride & fitness skating.