‘Let’s Skate’ E-Book

“No one reaches near Asha’s ability of teaching”
- Helder Bruno, Belgium

"Great Skating Book. The Market is Begging for it. I'll Share & Spread the good news to as many skaters possible, especially beginners. Well done Asha. Perfect timing."
- Ronaldo Duke

“I learned many things from your e-book. I have been very much enjoying my first experience of inline skate for the last 3 weeks. Thank you.”
- Hiromitsu Furuya, Japan

“Asha’s lessons are just incredible!!! I love the way she explains everything!!!”
- Axel Solares, USA


Downloadable 40 page ebook
+ 3 starter videos
For inline and quad skaters

Do you have the time to trawl the internet through all the information about skates and getting started in skating?

This guide is a professional’s summary of everything you need to know, plus video tuition to get you rolling easily and safely, whichever skates you have.

You need this E-Book if you;

  • Are overwhelmed by all the information out there about skating. It’s hard to know where to start, what to believe and who to trust.
  • Are confused by the many choices you need to make regarding equipment.
  • Don’t want to be one of those people who chose the wrong skates for what they want to do and proceeded without any technical guidance. They very often give up or get hurt (or both).
  • Planned for exciting skating but instead have brain ache.
  • Have just started with either inline or roller/quad skates. The getting started videos are appropriate for both kinds of skates.
E-Book Benefits

  • You’ll make informed decisions about equipment based on your skating aims and dreams.
  • You’ll save time and money buying exactly what you need.
  • You’ll start skating with expert advice and step-by-step instructions.
  • You’ll learn correctly so you get rolling easily and safely (without falling)
  • One bad fall early on is all it takes to put you off for good.
  • You won’t create bad habits from the start. They are much harder to fix later on.
  • Learn from the world’s best instructor. Thousands already have.


  • Types of Skates: Summary Guide
  • Inlines vs Quads (stability, stopping, indoors, outdoors, which easier?)
  • Inline Skates (brakes, 3 or 4 wheels?)
  • How much to spend? (Cheap, medium, top end range)
  • Top Brands Review
  • Skate Designs to avoid
  • Inline Equipment Glossary (wheels, bearings, boots, frames, rockering, protective gear, helmets, skate bags)
  • Buying Skates (size and fit, size test, trying on, doing up, strap tightness test)
  • Where to Skate
  • Falling and Standing
  • Video 1: Basic Stances and Positions
  • Video 2: Static Preparations on Grass
  • Video 3: Basic Movement

“Asha’s step-by-step instructions are great. She always seems to know what holds me back and shows me how to overcome the difficulties. What seemed difficult yesterday becomes natural today.”
– Florian Wagner, Germany

“I couldn’t be more happy. It is so easy to follow and each day I practice I see improvement and that keeps me motivated to continue trying new things.”
– Marjorie Williamson, UK

“I do not know if there is an instructor on the internet who explains inline skating with the same precision and ability to deconstruct a skill properly (so that you can easily understand it just through watching the video) as Asha does”.
– Ruth Stayes, Sweden

“My first impression is that the E-Book is full of expertise and insights. I’m very glad I purchased it”
– Robert Fox, UK