How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Beginner

Feel smooth and confident as you develop your Basic Stride and transform “just skating” into a proper workout, while making sure you don’t develop bad habits in your Push, Glide or Regroup

"After being inspired by Asha’s Youtube videos, I came across her video courses where she explains very clearly where the balance and focus should be, the common mistakes and all the other things which prevent you from getting things right. I am feeling very positive and can't wait for the weekend to practice some more."
- Galina Bodrenkova (48), UK

You need this course if you;

Worry you have developed
some bad habits

in your skating (e.g. pronating inside edges and difficulty gliding equally on both skates)

Aren’t getting
as fit and toned

as you imagined, despite skating regularly

Would love skating to
become your Excercise,

but you know just skating around isn’t enough

Want to get
more proficient in

Fitness Skating, Street Skating or Speed Skating, which all demand a good Stride

Can’t get
to skate classes

and want to train at your own pace following a uniquely designed program

How To Skate for Speed/Fitness: Beginner


Develop your Basic Skating Stride with step-by-step instructions that will eradicate your bad habits and get you fit while you skate.

Video Lessons included in this Course :

Follow this sequence of 10 training exercises in this Beginner program (try out the first 2 for free) and progressively develop different aspects of your skating stride; the push, the glide and the regroup. Each exercise builds on the previous one and they increase in difficulty as you progress through the course. You'll benefit by strengthening your weaker leg and glide and understanding how effective skating is produced and maintained without compounding bad habits.

Learn how to Glide on centre edges

Look and feel more relaxed on your skates each time you train with the course

Feel increasingly safe (so you can allow the speed generated to happen). Without a stable Glide you can’t skate longer distances and get the fitness benefits available from inline skating

Know exactly what to practice and feel yourself improving every time you skate

Learn how to engage your Stroke efficiently and Push with precision

Receive an intense lower body workout (legs, glutes, abs and core) as you strengthen your “Skating muscles” progressively over the course

"The exercises in this fitness course all build on the previous ones in the sequence. I spent 10 mins practicing 3 exercises and that 30 mins made me work much harder than just skating around the park. Plenty of lactic acid build up and I'm thrilled with my progress. I now know what my weak points are and how to fix them and even notice them improving week by week."
- Paula Jarbabakowski, UK

"Asha’s lessons are just incredible!!! I love the way she explains everything!!!"
- Axel Solares (52), Sweden

"Asha is a brilliant coach."
- Navpreet Brar (41), India

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How to inline skate for beginner online course - Skatefresh Asha


How to skate for speed/fitness beginner online course - Skatefresh


New to inline skating?
Grab 2 Free Beginner skate drills today that will take you from pronating wobble to gliding elegance.