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Location: The Boathouse, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, Central London

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About the Stops, Slides & Slopes Lessons

The most important of ALL skills on inline skates or roller skates is how to stop and every skater should have several high functioning stopping methods in their repertoire. We begin with the easier stops and work through to the more complex ones.

The majority of rollerbladers and quad skaters do not realise that by neglecting their stopping methods they not only increase their risks of falls and injuries but also reduce their learning of other skills such as speed skating.

This workshop is NOT suitable for beginners (who should focus 100% on mastering the Heel Brake Stop before any other methods).

In this class you will learn;

  • Plough Stop (2 versions)
  • T-Stop (so that it actually stops you)
  • Turn Stops (Parallel Turn and Lunge Turn variations)
  • Powerslide (forwards and backwards entry)
  • How to control your speed on slopes by combining different stopping skills.

It is possible and appropriate to take this workshop many times as you progress. It's the most efficient way to get Asha's first hand training and each time you repeat it you'll be learning new aspects of those skills until they are perfect from high speeds (then you're ready for the Advanced class).


About the Quads SkateDance Lessons

Asha’s Quads Skatedance class can be attended by various ability levels from advanced beginner upwards and is suitable for skaters on quad skates.

Each dance move comes with 2-3 options of difficulty (easy, medium and hard) so everyone can work at their own pace and progress into the harder forms even after the class is over.

This class will work through a series of individually taught moves (e.g. Strut, New York Shuffle) which we will then sequence into a short choreography that we’ll film, so you have reference to it forever. This means you can continue to improve it and teach it to your friends for performing at the roller disco, events and meet-ups.

Each dance move can be taken out of the dance choreography and used in your normal skating to spice up your flows and give your skating that extra ‘wow’ factor. This class is super fun and you’ll notice your improvement with every new move.

Dancing on quads is better without toe stoppers (but you can keep them in if that’s more comfortable for you).

Please note: This group lesson is not appropriate for beginner level skaters.


About the Backwards & Transitions Skate Lessons

This lesson is for those new to backward skating or those who have taught themselves but skipped the basics and are stuck on more complicated backwards moves.

This class will reveal your “one-sidedness” if you are already skating backwards and how to equalise this natural unevenness.

In this workshop you’ll learn;

  • Several propulsion techniques
  • How to steer correctly
  • How to safely glide backwards
  • How to stop backwards (2 methods)
  • Mohawk Transitions (forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards).

This compact course will give you content that will keep you busy training for months but with a clear path to backwards proficiency.

PLEASE NOTE: This group lesson is not appropriate for beginner level skaters.


About the Speed & Fitness Skate Lessons

Every skater spends MOST of their time on skates JUST SKATING!

However if your skating stride lacks the essentials, you will not get the fitness benefits that skating offers and you may create bad habits over time that can lead to ‘slow onset injuries’ (e.g. ankle, knee, hip pains from persistent pronation on an inside edge).

There are 3 parts to your skating stride; The Push, the Glide and the Regroup.

All 3 must be correct for the stride to flow, look good and produce sustained high speeds.

  • Are you pushing efficiently?
  • Is your glide correct in terms of edges, balance and cadence?
  • Is your regroup maximising your stride or is it destroying all the hard work you just put in?

Asha’s series of exercises is designed to progressively train all 3 parts of your stride and help you understand what’s needed for super smooth (and fast) skating.

This workshop does not cover the Double Push (although most skaters fail with the double push because their normal fitness stride lacks the correct foundations). So this class is a good pre-double push workout.

These classes are aimed at skaters who can already stop effectively which is important when travelling at higher speeds. You should already be able to skate forwards competently for at least 500 metres in comfort before attempting this class.

PLEASE NOTE: This group lesson is not appropriate for beginner level skaters.

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If the above classes sound like fun but you suspect your current skill level may not be quite up to it, why not try our Improver Skate Lessons or our One Day Intensive Lesson for Improver/Intermediate Skaters, which is the perfect ‘warm up’ for these intermediate level lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh
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