Intermediate Skating Lessons in London

What Will You Learn In Each Lesson?


  • Stepping Plough Stop
  • T-Stop
  • Parallel Turn Stop
  • Backward Powerslide
  • Combinations of various stops.

COST: £45


  • How to skate backwards from scratch
  • Several methods of propulsion
  • Backward steering and control
  • 2 backwards stops
  • Forwards to backwards transition
  • Backwards to forwards transition

COST: £30


  • How to push more efficiently
  • How to glide more easily
  • How to correctly change foot in the middle
  • How to consciously control your edges
  • Understand what “good” and “bad” skating is and why that’s important.

Take away a series of exercises you can practice regularly to transform your skating into something smooth, fluid and powerful.

COST: £30


  • Forward Crossovers, that don’t give you ‘the fear’.
  • Smooth, fluid, confident crossovers (in both directions)
  • Parallel Turns and Lunge Turns
    (what’s the difference and when to use which plus how to consciously make your turns tighter when needed)
  • Mix together your turns and crossovers to give you powerful and cool-looking sequences that few skaters can do, let alone do well.

COST: £30

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If the above classes sound like fun but you suspect your current skill level may not be quite up to it, why not try our Improver Skate Lessons or our One Day Intensive Lesson for Improver/Intermediate Skaters, which is the perfect ‘warm up’ for these intermediate level lessons.

Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

Any questions? please email us at: bookings@skatefresh.com

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