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Group Skate classes:

Due to the Coronavirus situation in the UK, all Skatefresh group classes in London and Brighton ARE POSTPONED until further notice.

Private Skate Lessons:

We will continue to offer private tuition, paying close attention to the guidelines set out by the UK Government with regards to hygiene and social distancing

We wish all our clients and friends well and look forward to seeing you WHEN THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL

Intermediate Skating Lessons in London

Next Intermediate Level Skating Classes in London:

Existing Skatefresh group clients are eligible for 20% discount on all group classes. Contact to receive your discount Code.

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Essential Stops & Slides (3 hours)

Cost: £45


If you can’t stop well using various methods your skating in general will suffer and you won’t make progress in other areas.

After learning and mastering the Heel brake Stop and Plough Stop in our Beginner and Improver classes you’ll want to “graduate” onto more complex and cool looking Stops, Slides and combos.

If you skate without a heel brake then you MUST keep your stopping methods under review and ensure they stop you from your normal medium and high speed skating. Most non heel brake users struggle with high speed or downhill stopping. Don’t be one of them!
This 3hr workshop will develop the skills you need so you have a selection of stopping options up your sleeve for any given situation. Stopping is the hardest skill set to fully master, but your enjoyment and safety on skates depends on your stopping methods being ‘fluent’.

Backwards and Transitions (2 hours)

Cost: £30

Location: Gladstone Park, North London

You don’t need any backwards experience to join this class, but if you are already skating backwards you will revise the basics and discover how your weak side is causing havoc with your backwards skating. You will learn 4 different methods of backwards propulsion, 2 simple backwards stops and begin your journey into transitions (forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards). If you are an advanced intermediate and are struggling with backwards crossovers or crisscross (for example), this in-depth review of backwards basics will enlighten you to the ‘gaps’ in your knowledge and muscle memory. Many report that their advanced backwards moves improve significantly after this class.

Speed & Fitness (2 hours)

Cost: £30

Location: The Boathouse, Hyde Park

Are you exhausted after skating while others appear not to be putting in a lot of effort? Do other skaters overtake you looking like they aren’t even pushing? Do you get ‘speed wobbles’ of uncertainty when you reach a high speed and wonder why? Learn Skatefresh’s ‘Stride Training Sequence’ which builds all the skills you need for efficient, powerful and effortless looking skating. This class is also a great aerobic workout on skates with fitness exercises thrown in. Get to grips with faster Parallel and Lunge turns.

Crossovers & Turns (2 hours)

Cost: £30

Location: t.b.a.

Making turns and crossovers look smooth will set you apart from other skaters and build your confidence, as well as preparing you for several new stopping methods that rely on fluent turns as their prerequisite (Turns Stops, Hockey Stop).

We’ll perfect your Parallel Turns and Lunge Turns in both directions and you’ll understand and know how to make your turns smaller and tighter when needed.

Do you ever feel unstable after doing some forwards crossovers? 

Can you do them continuously one after the other without having a “freak out” moment?

No forward skill creates such risks as the crossover and getting it wrong can be the cause of many intermediate level falls.

Come and discover exactly how to make your crossovers safe and comfortable as well as fun and accelerating.

Finally, we’ll mix together your turns and crossovers to give you powerful and cool-looking turn sequences that few skaters can do, let alone do well.


If the above classes sound like fun but you suspect your current skill level may not be quite up to it, why not try our Improver Lesson or our One Day Intensive workshop for Improver/Intermediate skaters, which is the perfect ‘warm up’ for these intermediate level classes.

Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

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Do you need some urgent help with your skating? Check out Asha's free mini tutorials for help with heel braking and skating faster, especially for beginner and improver skaters