Improver Skate Lessons for adults

After the Covid-19 lock down Skatefresh has now partially reopened with small group classes (maximum 7 skaters) for Beginner and Improver levels. This allows us to follow social distancing guidelines safely. 

Please see our upcoming class dates below.

Taught yourself to skate (on inlines or quads) but you can’t stop and you don’t feel secure on slopes or in emergency situations?

Did our Beginner class and are ready for more progress?

Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning with a professional instructor.

Learn to skate safely without falling.


What Will You Learn?

  • Consolidate the basics
    You can already move about on wheels but we’ll revise the basic stride and make sure your Heel Brake Stop (inliners) or Toe Stop (quads) works properly.
  • Perfect your Heel brake (or Toe stop) technique so that you can safely navigate downhill slopes and emergency situations
  • Improve your technique so you gain fitness from your skates.
  • Parallel turn (in both directions).
  • One legged gliding techniques to improve your agility and balance. If you are self-taught and need some structure, then this class will inform your practice in a way that ensures continued progress.

Location: The Boathouse, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, Central London

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Upcoming Improver Lessons : Online Booking with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal

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Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

Any questions? please email us at:

Do you need some urgent help with your skating? Check out Asha's free mini tutorials for help with heel braking and skating faster, especially for beginner and improver skaters

After completing the Improvers group there are several skate lesson options available:

• One Day Intensive Workshops for Improver/Intermediate skaters  – the most efficient way to get ahead with one day of training.

• Intermediate Workshops – Choose from our 3 themed workshops;
– How to stop using multiple methods.
– Perfect your skating efficiency, speed and fitness.
– Backwards skating, backward stops and transitions for new backward skaters.
– Crossovers and Turns