How to Ease Pain in the Hips & Glutes after Skating

How do your hips and glutes feel after you’ve been for a skate?

Most people report to feeling more open and energised in the hips and glutes due to the added muscular load that skating puts on these muscle groups. They can feel tired, stretched, used or tight and sore, depending on your individual starting point and what you did while skating.

Check out this popular video and follow along with Asha for some movement positions designed to bring ease and good feelings to your hips and glutes.

The correct, knee bent stance that skating needs puts a surprisingly large amount of physical demand on those big muscle groups. After the exertion of skating, particularly speed, street or distance skating, many skaters report huge relief and pain management from regularly stretching their “skating muscles” before and after skating. The older one is the more benefits are found from doing so (and the less comfortable one is when forgetting to do it).

A regular stretching regime pre & post skating is an idea that I want to encourage all skaters to move towards because this will enhance their performance and recovery and keep them injury free and still skating when others have come and gone…. Just like we maintain our skates with regular checks of bolts, bearings, wheel wear etc, our bodies need to be looked after around our skating so we can keep enjoying this sport we love.

For a quick FREE pre/post skate stretch, click FREE TRIAL on this page for immediate access to this unique ‘Yoga 4 Skaters’ video led by Asha’s yoga teacher Naomi Clarke.