How To Ease Feet and Ankle Pain After Skating

In the northern hemisphere the weather is getting colder and darker and I can feel this change in my joints…. I need a little more time to warm up and stretch after skating so I don’t get stiff and achy.
Do you have any pain after you skate? Where in your body do you feel it?
Feet? Knees? Hips? Lower back?

I’m tackling each of these skater problem areas in a short video series called “Yoga for Skaters” with simple follow-along formats. 

This first video in the series of 4 focusses on the feet and ankles and gives you several movements to try out as you watch the video, so just follow along. These will increase mobility as well as help you stretch the many muscles located in your feet and ankles.

Many skaters experience foot pain, foot cramps and cramp-like sensations when skating often so extreme they have to remove their skates until it passes. For many this is a debilitating thing that detracts from their enjoyment of skating. They often think it is related to their equipment. Mostly I have seen skaters be able to eradicate these cramp-like sensations when they remove the tension in their feet that comes with having their weight incorrectly in their heels. BY learning correct stance, body position and weight distribution in the feet, skaters then have relaxed feet which do not become painful.

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