Yoga For Skaters

Gain confidence and awareness by learning yoga from Asha’s teacher Naomi. Use her specifically designed sequence of stretches and strength training to target skater-related aches and pains, injury, recovery, and maintenance.

You need these classes if you:

Have never tried yoga and are curious

Have pains in certain joints that develop during or after skating

Want to prevent injury or rehabilitate if in recovery

Prefer clear, follow-along format.
No guesswork.
No confusion

Sit or drive a lot

Liked the Free Taster class and want more

Class Benefits

Increasing strength and flexibility in the skate affected joints.

– Less pain and discomfort with improved joint care.

– Better body awareness and balance.

– Fuller breathing.

– Stronger core.

– Left and right side imbalances become conscious.

Extend your body’s ‘skate life’ with good maintenance.

About Naomi

“In addition to the follow-along yoga sequences, each of the 2 classes comes with an Introduction and Conclusion Video where Naomi gives essential advice about how to practice yoga safely, how to breathe while in postures and what to keep in mind as you stretch. These videos will answer many of the questions and doubts that new yogis have when they begin to practice yoga.”

Naomi has been Asha’s yoga teacher for 10 years. She started her yoga journey with Iyengar yoga in 1998 and trained initially with the Choudhury family in 2001 and still teaches and practices the classic 26/2 hot yoga sequence. Naomi also trained as a Yoga Therapist and in Yoga Nidra. She lives and teaches in Sussex and London and leads yoga retreats several times a year.

“’I’ve skated regularly for the last few years including skating to work several times a
week. I started getting a niggling pain in my knee and also some back ache after
longer weekend skate routes. Asha’s yoga advice and experience helped me create
a stretching habit which I now notice keeps all my aches and pains at bay.”
Brian Shephard (57) UK.

“I’ve done some stretching with my speed skating club but I’ve never stretched regularly. After doing Class 1 of ‘Yoga for Skaters’ I feel motivated to do it every other day because I noticed tension released from my legs and I felt straightened out. I really loved the deep relaxation bit at the end. I think this will keep me nimble and skating well into my 50s and beyond.”
Adam Augustyn (36) Berlin, Germany.

“Without yoga I wouldn’t be skating still.
When a surgeon told me 8 years ago I needed knee surgery and to find a different
job, I knew I needed to change my knee use (which had been previously lots of
skating). By strengthening the muscles around my injury I reversed that diagnosis in
under a year and remain pain free. A more recent hip injury should have been the
end of my career once again but with a regular yoga practice I’ve been able to protect my injury,
maintain my body, avoid surgery AND still skate, teach and travel regularly.”

Asha Kirkby (Brighton, UK)