Barcelona June 2018 Trip Report

The debate in Asha’s head rages about which city is “the best” to skate in. It’s a long argument but Barcelona is one of them. Good quality tarmac, cycle paths everywhere, beach promenades, huge perfect lesson spots, Barcelona has it all.

The Trip began with Barcelona’s Friday Night Skate with a group of nearly 400 skaters. It was their 15yr anniversary of their group skates so the mood was festive.

On the Saturday we had perfect sunshine. A Beautiful Day.

Eager and energetic, everyone kept up a strong pace uphill to lunch, led by Front Marshall Javier. Huge amount of tapas fuelled us for the 12km slightly downhill afternoon ending at the beach. Some even swam. We all had smiles on our faces. There’s no better way to see a city than from your wheels.

On our final day we passed elegant monuments at Plaza de España, magic fountains, outdoor escalators, and a Mega downhill. We did Mont-Juic (the fabled city centre mountain with multiple difficult descents).

We successfully dodged raindrops for longer than the forecast predicted. When the ground was completely wet the super smooth surfaces became “like sheet ice” said one student. It was super challenging getting to our lunch stop and everyone skated brilliantly.

The storm had its way and we missed our afternoon skate but spent the time together eating, drinking, talking, and discussing. I Love Skater chat. Fantastic marshalling from local team headed by Irene Jimenez @irejimi