I’ve got new skates! – Powerslide Tau Trinity Skates Review

This is of course a joyful occurrence and I’m deeply grateful for Powerslide for their beautiful skates but I always meet it with some trepidation because even in the best of scenarios, new skates usually mean some mild to heavy food discomfort for 4-8 weeks…….and that’s normal!

I’ve been breaking in new skates every few years for the last 34 years. I’ve had a few! My previous skates the Powerslide 2015 Hardcore Evo’s were the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. Ever. I actually was sad to be seeing them go as I’ve LOVED those skates so much and worn them non-stop since 2015 without any problems. But even they were a bit snug at first and gave me some foot discomfort after a long day of teaching.

This video shows my absolute first roll on the new Taus with Trinity frame. Watch the video to see my Powerslide Tau Trinity Skates Review and what I think about the Trinity frame and the differences between these 2 skates.