Wings & Wheels Skateblog 2: Houston

Pt 2 in a series of posts by our instructor (and airline pilot), Sabine

23rd March, 2023
London Heathrow – Houston, Texas
Flight time 9h 47min
Time difference 6h

After weeks of rain, wind and freezing temperatures in the UK, it is so nice to spend a few days in warmer climes. On arrival it’s 27 degrees but a super blustery day threatening thunderstorms. We settle for the 27 degrees!

After a fun evening out with the crew, the plan for day 2 is rollerskating. The ‘Dairy Ashford Rink’ down town are excited to meet me, and one of their students is going to have a lesson with me. Lanice wanted to learn some Rollerdisco moves. It turns out that she is still very much beginner level and we do some lemons to music which she loves.

After the lesson I get introduced to some of the local skaters and I meet Michael, 72, who is there every day to practise his dance moves. ‘It keeps me young’, he insists. I also meet Alex, a keen 15 year old rollerblader who practises daily after school. It’s so fun to get to meet all these characters. I love their enthusiasm!

I spend the next day being super lazy just hanging out by the pool. It is sooooo nice to see the sun after what seemed an endless winter.

The flight home is fast and bumpy. Descending over Scotland we see the first cloud clusters. Another wet morning greets us in London.