Making slow progress in your skating?

Feeling stuck & feeling frustrated with slow progress in your skating?

When adults start skating (on rollerblades or roller skates) there’s a HUGE variation in rates of progress from one person to another.
We can say that new adult skaters fall into one of 3 categories when they begin to skate; average learner, slow learner and fast learner. Which one will depend on many factors such as;

  • Previous exposure to skating (eg as a child or when they were younger).
  • Have they skied before?
  • Do they do other sports?
  • How physically active they are?
  • How much fear they have around falling?
  • How fit they are before they begin skating?
  • What process (if any) they are following in their skating journey?

It’s common for some new skaters not to improve quickly and to really struggle. Or they can have a fall early on and be put off from continuing. It can be a very slow process for many people. If they don’t practice consciously and focus on specific
movement progressions that build core skills (such as balance, steering & stopping), they often don’t see improvement.

Simply skating around doesn’t contribute significantly to improving skate skills (especially if you aren’t doing it correctly. In which case, every skate session will simply create and sustain bad/incorrect habits, that become harder to change the more time they are left unchecked. Most new skaters don’t practice as much as they’d like and when they do get their skates on they rarely know what to do to actively progress and build those core skills.

Skating well requires very specific techniques in relation to body position (both lower & upper body) and how this affects where your weight falls in the feet and how to consciously put your weight on the front half of the skate (and not the back half which is the fastest way to fall over backwards and get injured). But most new skaters do not seek instruction, or if they do they are content with description + demo style videos on YouTube. These inevitably lack the level of detail and progression exercise development needed to make consistent, noticeable and enjoyable progress. Usually it’s only the above average skaters who gain benefit from short tips on YouTube.

Do you remember learning how to drive? You had to remember multiple things and do them simultaneously or in a particular order. Most people pay for a driving instructor to teach them the correct way to drive. Imagine not having that and “figuring it out” by yourself or from watching someone drive. That’s basically what most skaters are trying to do. And that’s why it’s very easy to get stuck and frustrated, particularly when you’ve “practiced” a move over and over and it’s still not happening!

So, if you’d like to make your skating life easier, why not follow tried and tested skill progressions with the Skatefresh Method which has been developed over 23 years of working with thousands of skaters of all ages (but mainly adults).
Our “How to Skate” video course series covers multiple skills in each of the 3 courses. All you have to do is pick your level (beginner, Intermediate, advanced) and test each course by using one of the lessons, absolutely free of charge.
You’ll understand what we mean by “movement progressions” as each skill is built up piece by piece with different drills that “like magic” create the control needed to execute the manoeuvre.

Don’t leave your skating to luck or chance. Take control of your skating journey by following step-by-step instructions which will take the fear and risk out of skating and make it all so much more enjoyable. We even show you the most common mistakes with each drill or skill and how to fix them.

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