Inline Certification Program (ICP)

ICP Inline Certification Program for Skating InstructorsWhat is ICP?

ICP or Inline Certification Program is an international training programme for professional inline skate instructors. The ICP training programme and certification was set up in 1991 by IISA (International Inline Skating Association) as an industry standard for teaching inline skating.

Since Covid-19 all ICP Certifications are now being developed and delivered in an online format, until face-to-face programs can resume.


The ICP Programme provides a methodology for teaching inline skating to skaters of all levels. It is a thorough and comprehensive programme that progressively builds students core skills through structured lesson plans and a sound understanding of the technical skills involved.

All Skatefresh instructors are ICP qualified.

ICP Instructor Certification

ICP conducts regular certification and instructor improvement/ development programmes.

If you are interested in qualifying as an inline skating instructor with ICP, Asha Kirkby of Skatefresh is the ICP National Director for the UK and only active Level 1 Examiner.

ICP Level 1/ ICP Level 2 & ICP Level 3

Level  1

The starting point in your training as an instructor. Level 1 provides the skills needed to teach inline skating to beginners and advanced beginners. It is a thorough and intensive course with focus on the technical skills and theoretical knowledge required to teach. Click here for course details.

Next Level 1 course in Melbourne, Australia:  13-15 November 2020 

Level 2

This course is for those who have been teaching for at least a year at level 1, or who have gained a great deal of teaching experience. As a level 2 instructor you will teach in a more freestyle manner and have the ability to more effectively adapt the teaching style to suit the needs of your intermediate students.  Click here for course details.

Next Level 2 course in London:  4 – 6 September 2020 
Because of Covid-19 this course will be confirmed nearer the time.

Level 3

The teach-to-teach qualification. At this level you will learn more advanced techniques for advanced level students and start to train instructors yourself and certify them on behalf of ICP.

Next level 3 course will be held in Europe during summer 2021 if there are enough interested candidates.