ICP Level 2 Certification

[soliloquy id=”2546″]The Level 2 certification is designed to further the depth of instruction and requires that candidates have passed Level 1 and have had at least 6 months teaching experience.

Level 2 focuses on teaching you how to teach intermediate skills, and the Additional skills from Level 1 become the Teachable skills for Level 2 (with a few extras), so the skating skills requirements are more demanding.

The Level 2 weekend follows the same structure as the ICP weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

The next ICP Level 2  course will take place in London: 4 – 6 September 2020
Due to Covid-19 ICP Certification is being delivered in an online format and it is possible there will be no face-to-face courses in 2020.  This course will be confirmed nearer the time if it will take place.

Theory session: Friday evening (3 hours)   
Location: To be confirmed.

Weekend Session:  
The Saturday session will cover skating skills and teaching practice using the Teaching Model. The written theory exam will follow in the evening. 

During the Sunday session your skating skills will be assessed and you will also undergo your teaching exam.  Results and feedback are given immediately after the course ends at approx. 1900hrs

 Level 2 Teachable Skills

Teachable skills (these skills need to be of a high standard on both feet or both directions where applicable).

  • Backward Swizzle
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Backward Movement
  • Slalom (2 foot)
  • Lunge Turn
  • T-Stop
  • Stride 3
  • F/B and B/F Transitions
  • Mohawk (stepping transition)
  • Heel Stop 2
  • Lunge Stop
  • Backwards Powerslide

Additional Skills

  • Backwards Crossovers
  • Backwards 2 foot Slalom
  • Forwards 1 foot Slalom
  • Forwards inside edge Three-turn
  • Forwards outside edge Three-turn
  • Edge Stop
  • Continuous two foot F/B, B/F Transitions
  • Backwards Mohawk
  • 180 degree Jump
  • Sequences involving any of the required skills


Please register your interest directly with ICP in order to reserve your place.  Payments must be received one month before the course.


Cost:  $US 425 per person