ICP Level 2 Certification

The Level 2 certification is designed to further the depth of instruction and requires that candidates have passed Level 1 and have had at least 6 months teaching experience.

Level 2 focuses on teaching you how to teach intermediate skills, and the Additional skills from Level 1 become the Teachable skills for Level 2 (with a few extras), so the skating skills requirements are more demanding.

The Level 2 weekend follows the same structure as the ICP weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

The next ICP Level 2  course will take place in London: 4 – 6 September 2020

Theory session: Friday evening (3 hours)   
Location: To be confirmed.

Weekend Session:  
The Saturday session (8-10 hours) will cover skating skills and teaching practice using the Teaching Model. The written theory exam will follow in the evening. 

During the Sunday session (8-10 hours) your skating skills will be assessed and you will also undergo your teaching exam.  Results and feedback are given immediately after the course ends at approx. 1900hrs

 Level 2 Teachable Skills

Teachable skills (these skills need to be of a high standard on both feet or both directions where applicable).

  • Backward Swizzle
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Backward Movement
  • Slalom (2 foot)
  • Lunge Turn
  • T-Stop
  • Stride 3
  • F/B and B/F Transitions
  • Mohawk (stepping transition)
  • Heel Stop 2
  • Lunge Stop
  • Backwards Powerslide

Additional Skills

  • Backwards Crossovers
  • Backwards 2 foot Slalom
  • Forwards 1 foot Slalom
  • Forwards inside edge Three-turn
  • Forwards outside edge Three-turn
  • Edge Stop
  • Continuous two foot F/B, B/F Transitions
  • Backwards Mohawk
  • 180 degree Jump
  • Sequences involving any of the required skills


Please register your interest directly with ICP in order to reserve your place.  Payments must be received one month before the course.


Cost:  $US 425 per person