ICP Level 1 Certification

This level is the first certification for new instructors and teaches you the basics of teaching using the beginner skills syllabus.

The first ICP weekend course in Australia, Melbourne will be: 13-15 November 2020

Theory session: Friday evening (3 hours)   
Location: To be confirmed.

Weekend Session:  
The Saturday session will cover skating skills and teaching practice using the Teaching Model. The written theory exam will follow in the evening. 

During the Sunday session (8-10 hours) your skating skills will be assessed and you will also undergo your teaching exam.  Results and feedback are given immediately after the course ends at approx. 1900hrs

Cost: See ICP website for each course – Click here to enroll

When you pay the full fee, you will receive the written theory manual for you to look at before attending the course. Your course fee includes your membership fee to ICP-International for the year in which you qualified (ending December). After that year, you will be responsible for renewing your membership with ICP.

Teachable skills

These are the beginner level skills which you will be taught how to teach, and must be able to skate perfectly, on both sides where applicable.

  • Stage 1 skating
  • Heel Brake Stop
  • A frame turn
  • Swizzle
  • Stage 2 skating
  • Spin Stop
  • Grass Stop
  • Parallel Turn

Additional skills

These skills are harder and are only for showing an instructor’s adequate skating ability. They must be performed on both legs and in both directions where applicable. In the future, these additional skills would become the teachable skills for a Level 2 certification course.

These additional skills are:

  • Backward swizzle
  • Stride 3
  • Slalom
  • T-Stop
  • Forward Crossovers
  • Forwards/backwards
  • Backwards/Forwards Transitions
  • Backward Powerslide