How to skate backwards on quads & roller-skates – Part 2. 

At some point in your roller skating journey you will want to try and skate backwards. It’s fun, it’s different and looks kinda cool. 

At Skatefresh we try to show and help skaters of all ages and abilities how to learn new skills efficiently, without trial and error, using specific, tested techniques. This video series of 2 tutorials shows you how to get going backwards if you’ve never tried it before.

If you missed Part 1 of “How to Skate Backwards on Quads” you can find it here;

Part 1 – Balance and propulsion

Part 2 – Steering

In this latest video, I show and explain how to accurately steer your roller skates while going backwards, to avoid it becoming a random exercise in not tripping yourself up. Easy steering relies on your weight being on the front half of your feet so your heels are lighter and therefore “steerable”. 

The technique of backward lemons provide the perfect shape to test your steering, as you glide your heels out and then in without hitting them together. Most skaters do this with their skates too wide showing a natural resistance to bringing the skates closer together. 

Later in the lesson I show you how to develop your steering (and propulsion technique) by doing half lemons which means weight bearing more on one skate than the other. This looks way easier than it actually is and the weaker side will often feel impossible at first because your body doesn’t want to stand on your weaker leg. However this an excellent exercise to develop this even sidedness that you need to be able to skate well (either backwards or forwards).

Learning to skate is pure physics and not random in any way. There are correct things to do and things to avoid. Let me know in the comments below the video how you get on and what problems you may be having, I’ll try to help.

If you’d like any help with dancing on your roller skates then check out this recent video tutorial I made on ‘How to Dribble’ (don’t worry, that IS a dance move).

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