How to get started with inline skating for beginners on rollerblades

This video shows you how to get started with inline skating for beginners on rollerblades (a.k.a. inline skates).

This tutorial on our Youtube channel is a quick summary of the most important basics you need (but it’s by no means a thorough investigation as I’ve done that in other places – see final link below).

In this “how to skate” tutorial I show you the basics of how to get moving and cruising safely and what a couple of the common mistakes are that you’re likely to make. If you follow the guidelines it should help you to consciously control your feet in ways that make sure you understand what produces acceleration (it’s not what you think) and what to do once you’ve gained a bit of momentum.

YouTube Video

If you can find a way to video yourself skating from the side view, you will likely be able to accurately assess what your knees are doing and if your body posture is upright or if you are leaning forwards from the waist.

This video is a very quick summary and I have a much more thorough deep-dive into the exact mechanics of how to make your skates move and roll and how to feel balanced so you can glide without wobbling.

I highly recommend you invest the time to watch this complete beginner starter pack of 2 detailed online lessons. They are like being in actual class with me, and on YouTube I’m always giving a condensed summary and skipping some parts (otherwise my videos would be 30-60mins long!)

I know make things look easy and if it’s not flowing for you yet, it’s just because you need more detailed information and some additional secrets which I ONLY share there.

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