How to skate dance on roller skates for beginners: First steps

Have you recently started roller skating and want to learn how to skate dance on quads?

Let Asha guide you through your first skate dance steps in this video tutorial, highlighting the best feet position and where your weight should be on each foot to find stability and balance. Slowly adding new positions will show you how to sequence your moves into short routines, but it’s important to get the basics right first. 

The pandemic quads boom has created a lot of new skaters which is just awesome. However we see many of them on social media trying to learn quite complicated moves like the strut or Moonwalk or Downtown before they’re actually ready for such difficult moves.

Don’t strut before you can toe roll…

Like everything in skating we think it’s more efficient to learn easy things first and then ‘graduate’ to harder, more complex skills. This video tutorial is for beginner skate dancers who may be struggling with other moves because they skipped some easy foundation skills.

By learning the super easy basics of how to skate dance you can then progress confidently onto other steps and sequences.

These first steps have minimal roll and are mainly done on the spot focussing on the skate which holds most of your weight while the other plants in different positions like Heel Roll and Toe Roll.

The Scissor position highlighted here is one of those “must have” skating moves which saves you when rolling over rough surfaces or obstacles like speed bumps or dips in the tarmac.

Watch the How to Skate Dance video tutorial:

How to skate dance for beginners video tutorial

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Freestyle skate dance video cover from Skatefresh Asha

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