How to get fit and skate faster with one simple speed exercise

There are many ways your stride can be improved and it’s useful to have something to do to address the inevitable bad habits that sneak in. Ask yourself honestly if you have any of these stride issues listed below (ask a friend to film you if you aren’t sure). I think almost ALL Intermediate level skaters suffer from at least one of these issues and very often a combination of several which are unique to you.

The exercise presented in this video is a miracle in my opinion because it fixes the following 4 common skater stride problems. These problems (if left unchecked) will simply become permanently ingrained in your skating and will be harder to correct later on. All these problems reduce your speed and efficiency;

  • Backwards pushing direction (less power)
  • ‘V’-ing set down (instead of straight ahead)
  • Inability to glide on one skate easily
  • Inability to control the skate’s direction at higher speeds (or more instability at speed)

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this exercise helped.

But I warn you, I make it look really easy and it’s actually quite challenging. Practice it as 2 halves first (the Pause in Lunge and then the Short Toe Roll), then put them together, using however many scooters you need to get the right speed. Try not to cheat by skating anywhere in the exercise, it’s all scooting, Lunging and Toe rolling, each for several metres.

Let me know in the comments below, which of the 4 common skate stride problems you identified in your skating and which you noticed any difference in after practicing this exercise for 15 minutes.

Good Luck and happy practice!

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