Goodwood Marathon

I wanted to share with all….

The Skatefresh 2011 Le Mans team that was, had some wicked achievements:

Caitlin Evans and Matt Bowden finished their first marathon, pink pacelining the whole way…..

Hazel Brocken finished her Midi but then went on to finish the full distance with Caitlin and Matt (just cos she could, loving the pink paceline)

Tracy Smith completed her second Midi (her first last year) completing all but one lap again on the pink pace line. a massive confidence achievement for my girl.. Lovely

Min Zaw Mra (Skatefresh’s best backwards skating client) completed the majority of his half marathon backwards. (with a little help from me)

Dinesh finished his first half marathon experience… again rocking along with the pink..
the guys made me really proud on a day where i was feeling quite low and sorry for myself… (i posted a really strong DNF – winge-ing about my skates again LOL)
and a massive well done to




Selena (and any other LSST podiums i missed..)

plus sterling performances from

Torbaydos (Paul)

and Eliza for her first full marathon finish in 1.36…
a big whoop whoop to all !!!
Matt *