A knee surgeon told me to “get another job” – what I did to fix skating knee pain

In the northern hemisphere the weather is getting colder and darker and I can feel this change in my joints…. I need a little more time to warm up and stretch after skating so I don’t get stiff and achy.
Do you have any pain after you skate? Where in your body do you feel it?
Feet? Knees? Hips? Lower back?

I’m tackling each of these skater problem areas in a short video series called “Yoga for Skaters” with simple follow-along formats. 
The first 2 videos are LIVE, check them out here;

Video 1 : Feet + Ankles 

Video 2 : Knees

The exercises in this knee video above are partly responsible for me healing the chronic knee ‘deterioration’ that was happening before I built up my muscle strength (back in 2010). 

A knee surgeon had suggested I “have surgery then look for another job”. I hit my yoga mat instead and 11 years later I still don’t have any knee pain despite still skating A LOT.

Let me know via social media how these exercises felt to you.

I’m hoping to motivate you to supplement your skating with other strength building movements so you gain the benefits of cross training and avoid repetitive strain (slow-onset) injuries from your skating.