World Teaching Tour 2018-19

I hope your January is going well even if you are in winter and skating less. Rest time is often good for our skater bodies and you can indulge in other activities like skate video watching or editing what you shot in the summer.
I have SUPER exciting news which I want to share with you because it could mean I get to meet and skate with you in the next 18 months….
I have just begun my “World Teaching Tour 2018-19” which will take me to over 14 Cities in 4 Continents!
Find out if I’m going anywhere near your city in the next 18 months. In each city, I’ll be offering several themed workshops which local skaters will help me select depending on local skate norms, culture and practices (although “All About Stops” Course should be a must everywhere).

This is my Route Teaching Skaters around the World
It includes the Skatefresh Trips as well as Teaching Dates.

Jan 2018 Brazil – Sao Paulo – Macae
Feb 2018 – Skatefresh Rio de Janeiro Trip
April 2018 – Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid)
May 2018 – Skatefresh Zagreb, Croatia Trip
June 2018 – Skatefresh Barcelona Trip
Jun-Oct 2018 – UK
Nov 2018 – India

– Singapore
Dec 2018 – Australia (Sydney and Brisbane)
Jan 2019 – Buenos Aires
Feb 2019 – Brazil
May 2019 – USA (San Francisco and New York)
Jun 2019 – UK.

I will make announcements about all these country Teaching dates and send more exact plans and booking procedure (there will be an early bird discount which I’ll be offering just to you when I finalise all the dates).
I’m excited just thinking about it and I have good friends in most of those cities so will be visiting some dear people along the way which is also a Gift. I’ll be meeting my god-daughter in Australia who I’ve never met before and connecting with my International network of instructor friends and online students.
Am I missing anywhere un-missable?
Hope to see you along the way.
Skate Well
Feel Alive

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