Which socks should I wear for roller skating and rollerblading?

This is a video reply to a beginner inline skater’s question about socks and which ones are the best to wear for roller skating or inline skating.

Asha shows variations of socks that you can consider for the perfect, most comfortable fit, whether you are on inline skates or roller skates.

Asha wears a Powerslide Hardcore Evo hard boot but it’s a snug fit as she likes to be able to fully transfer her foot-weight instructions from her feet to her skates. So she uses a super thin, tights sock first, followed by a Powerslide Footie which is a sock shaped piece of neoruprene with the toe and heel cut out (details below).

If your skates are not a snug fit then you’ll need to pad it out with medium or thicker socks, experimenting with normal socks, sports socks and even special skate socks which have additional thickness around the ankles usually.

It’s very common to have one foot larger than the other and this might mean you end up having different thickness of socks on each foot. Whatever it takes to get the perfect fit!

Enjoy your experimenting and notice all the differences.

Powerslide Footies;



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