“The Stroll” Skate Video Tutorial

“The Stroll” Skate Video Tutorial shows you how to do a cool-looking move called “The Stroll”, which can be used as a dance step or just a “filler” in-between other moves.

This technique is also a great skating trick to do on the move in time to music, for example on a street skate or when skating alone and you have some good, smooth skating surface and you want to do something other than just stride.

It involves starting in a normal scissor position where one skate is in front of the other, both knees bent and more weight on the back foot. You then lift the front skate in the scissor position and bring it behind the support leg (the one you are standing and gliding on) and as it lands on the ground, shift your weight to the new foot which is now behind the other one in a scissor position on the other side.

The hard part of this skating dance step is to shift your weight from the back foot in scissor to the new back foot in scissor. If your basic scissor position on your weak side isn’t fluent this will feel like a challenge, but practicing this will help strengthen your weak side scissor and make it feel more natural.

If you are skate dancing then you can do this move much slower and in sets of 4 before stopping and returning. You can also add a double bounce on each scissor in time to your music to make it look sassy.

Adding some skate dance and skate jamming moves to your skating repertoire is a sure way to gain praise and admiration from your skate friends and doing it in synchro with 2 or more roller skaters or rollerbladers looks super cool.

I hope this “Stroll” skate video tutorial helps your skating!