“Skating helped me dodge a bullet…” – Mark’s Story

Back in 2005 I started teaching Mark to skate at age 57. His doctor had told him to get some aerobic exercise and to lose weight and he was scared because his father died at age 60 of heart disease. All his life he had always wanted to skate but never had. He hated running and saw skating as his only chance of exercise he might enjoy.

But he was terrified. He had already had two lessons with two other non-Skatefresh instructors who both told him he couldn’t skate and shouldn’t pursue it.  He hadn’t managed to skate in those two lessons without grabbing the instructor or shaking uncontrollably.

I took him on, mainly because I was furious that anyone had told him he couldn’t  learn to skate. This showed the incompetence of these other instructors in their inability to teach an older, apprehensive learner. I’m so glad Mark wasn’t put off by their unprofessionalism. 

We started on the grass and I told him we would be there for much of the first lesson. He was very uncoordinated due to never doing any sport or movement and he had very little core or leg strength. But with repetition and focus he got better, first just in his shoes and then on skates on the grass and eventually on skates on tarmac and rolling.

He cried with joy after taking his first controlled V steps and cruising in a safe Ready position. He said “this is the most amazing feeling knowing that I’m in control and I know exactly what to do.”

Mark skated with me for many years and had regular private lessons which gave him varied stopping skills, a good, medium-fast stride & turns and eventually took him to pavement and street skating. Mark then started going to France regularly and skated in over 60 French towns and cities with group street skates (more than anyone else I know). 

Skating changed his health and changed his life for the better.

“Skating helped me dodge a bullet. I really thought I was going to die if I didn’t change my life and start exercising. I never thought exercise could be so fun. I never thought skating would be this great.”

His progress was slow, but his achievements make me extremely proud of him. 

I love to observe and be part of someone’s relationship with skating and watch the benefits in their life blossom. It’s literally the best part of my job.

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P.S. none of the skaters shown in this blog post are Mark.