How to skate backwards and beginner backwards slalom technique – Tutorial video.

In this video tutorial I teach you 3 different methods to learn how to skate backwards, each teaching you a different aspect of backwards skating (propulsion, steering and weight distribution).

Then I finish with a simple progression you can use to teach yourself backwards Crisscross slalom.

This video is aimed at lower intermediate and intermediate level skaters who are starting to skate backwards and beginning to learn backwards slalom techniques. It’s ideal if you are already learning forwards slalom before trying this backwards.

Please make sure you close your space carefully when practicing backwards skating. Check for debris on the ground like twigs and stones as tripping on one of these can be a nasty way to fall. ideally use a short spaced area which you can check thoroughly. Avoid ANY slopes and choose as smooth a surface as possible.

Skating backwards is one of my favourite things to do and learning to skate backwards will improve your forwards skating and your confidence.

Let me know how you get on with these skills in the comments below.


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