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Sabine's Private Lessons Enquiry Form July 2022 (#17)
James - Skate instructor Manchester
James - Skate instructor Manchester

Sabine – Horsham

ICP Level 1 Instructor

Teaches adults in private lessons, and adults and children in group lessons, beginners and improvers. Times are flexible and by arrangement, with two weeks of high availability, alternating with two weeks of low availability.

Sabine says:
I first started skating when I was four years old, when my parents’ attempt to keep me away from a busy road landed me in a roller skating club. I was a figure skater for many years and quads were my thing!

Getting back into skating in adult life I soon discovered inline skates and absolutely loved them. So now I am happy on either!

My main job as an airline pilot takes me all around the world, and my skates are always in my luggage.

Skating provides what flying takes away: fresh air and exercise! Wings and wheels are what I am all about!

I am delighted to be working for Skatefresh, whose professionalism and enthusiasm I experienced first hand, when I first went from quads to in-lines.

I am super sociable and very much a people person. Let me share my love of skating with you and let me take your skating to the next level!