Skatefresh Rio Trip 2016 – Day 3

After the adventures of the night before up the Sugar Loaf with lightning strikes, I was expecting a group of tired and grouchy clients but instead we spent the journey to the Christ statue swapping stories about the previous evening, each more incredulous than the next! I discovered Tina and Jarkko walked home in the rain and Helena was finally ‘found’ in Eclipse the 24 hour place…..

The Christ statue is simply a stunning spectacle from every single angle. After the storm of the previous night the visibility was astonishing. We could see all the way around the Lagoon where we skated the previous day, spotting the rink, and mapping our final Sunday skate along the curvy beaches below us. Breathtaking.

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About half the group hit Ipanema beach today, building motes, swimming and trying the local Iced Mate tea with lemonade (Mate com limao) and grilled Haloumi Brazilian style (queijo cualho).

We skated the Lagoon anti-clockwise catching a gorgeous sunset and ending at the skaters rink for some lessons; Powerslides, Forward Inverted Mohawks and New York Shuffle zigzags. The backdrop at the rink of lightning around the Christ with dazzling full moon and thunder was dramatic and atmospheric. But with the first rain drop, we all knew it was not a night to get caught out again. We have more lesson time coming during the week so we can catch up what we missed.

Tomorrow the City Tour and Sunset Dance Class.