How To Stop : Beginner

There is nothing worse than not being able to stop. Would you drive a car if it didn’t have any brakes?

"I love your training videos, the way you break it down with exercises is something that is super helpful. I haven’t skated in 20 years. I’ve been seeing improvements in my skating! "
- Dale Beato (35), USA

You need this course if you;

Have felt that
horrible, scary feeling

of not being able to stop on skates

Know that if you can’t stop,
you could get hurt

or injured (anything from cuts and grazes to broken bones)

Want to learn new Stopping Methods
after a few hours of focused practice

These new Stops will then be with you for years to come

Have always wondered why Skates are
sold without instructions on How to Stop!

These trainings are the Instruction manual that doesn’t come with any pair of skates

How To Stop : Beginner


Avoid the painful falling and embarrassment of not being able to stop whenever you need to with these essential first stops on inline skates, including down slopes.

Video Lessons included in this Course :

Instantly understand the theoretical components of each stop

Know exactly what to do at each stage of the process

No longer waste precious time practicing the wrong thing or learning through painful 'trial and error’

Know what to focus on while practicing each exercise in the training sequence

Easily identify and then fix the common problems that naturally arise

Add a new dimension to your skating by having clear 'Homework' to do using the exercise summaries and creating a safe, exciting, new way to practice skating

"No one reaches near Asha’s ability of teaching!"
- Helder Bruno (32), Austria

"Asha inspired me a lot. Her tutoring is professional. She makes it simple and easier to learn. I give a rate of 10/10 a five star tutor"
- Tanaka Tapomwa (46), Japan

"Asha's online stopping course has been very helpful, clear, and thorough. Asha's teaching style is very didactic, fresh, and inspiring. I'm excited about it and I think I will become a better skater."
- Rodolfo Castillo (50), Venezuela/USA

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The Complete Beginner Course Bundle

The Complete Beginner Course Bundle


All 3 beginner courses in a bundle with 20% off!

A complete Beginners package of 3 courses;
How to Skate
How To Stop
How to Skate for Fitness
Learn to skate safely without falls or creating bad habits, in easy to follow, step-by-step format.
Identify and fix the inevitable problems that will come up.

New to inline skating?
Grab your Free Heel Brake Stop Video Lesson so you can stop whenever you need to.