Messing around on skates in central Sao Paulo

I’ve just left Sao Paulo after a great 2 week teaching trip. Did Brazil’s second ICP Level 1 course and a bunch of other workshops. Everyone I met was so kind and appreciative and friendly.

The instruction culture is only just starting here so most people are self taught and therefore it was very gratifying to see such changes in students skating for the better. Some people (after a couple of workshops) look like completely different skaters. I enjoy observing the learning process as it manifests in front of me. So to my students there I want to say “Thank you!”.

A teacher cannot be great unless she has students willing to trust her and ‘enter into the process’. Your energy sustains me.

I’m going to leave you with a video of me messing around in downtown Sao Paulo on Agenda Paulista. I love the intense urban landscape shot in this way……we had a lot of fun. I was skating with aggressive skater Caio Eli Dos Santos and downhill Dennis Tavares. I’m wearing Traxart’s Freedom skate which will soon be won by somebody in Brazil in a video competition.

I’m planning some down time now I’m back in Rio. I haven’t skated that much in a 2 weeks period for quite a few years. Rio is the perfect place to rest my hip and relax a bit.

Skate well, Feel Alive.