Matt’s spring/summer skate season 2011

Le Mans, Training, teaching in 2011 and beyond…….Ok so here we are then, it’s May, and as a London skater I’ve made it through the season starter, skated dressed as a bunny (actually I didn’t this year but you get the idea) and I’m looking forward to a good run of fun in the Royal Parks in London, skating along Brighton Beach with Asha and travelling to Le Mans in June and Berlin later in the year.

For me specifically I’m slowly coming to terms with not running a London Marathon this year, having been plagued with indifference to my running training in the winter and now replacing running in my life with skating!

I’m working towards Skatefresh’s team entry at Le Mans by skating lots whilst trying not to take it or myself too seriously. (Well….. if you believe that you’ll believe anything.) I’ve been training with the London Speed team, drinking the energy drinks and eating those weird power bars too. LOL.

I am however making sure I enjoy it and with a view to getting faster later on.

In the longer term I’m planning to skate more speed and endurance races in 2012 and beyond. Right now I’m trying to eat less junk food sat at my desk, to cycle to work and marshal faster and faster on the street skates. Most recently I’ve been making the effort to train individually as well, I feel that personal goals in whatever sport is your choice are rarely met by communal activities alone, sometimes you have to just push yourself and go it alone.

Recently I’ve committed myself to skating longer frames at all times (other than teaching hours) just to get used to the change in form and feel of a more efficient stride and push. It seems to be working. I feel faster, I definitely feel more comfortable on my Speed skates but I’ll have to wait and see if my Le Mans lap times have dropped since last year. Sub 9minutes here we come.

We now have a beautiful and fully formed Le Mans team all ready to don the Pink t-shirt on June the 25th / 26th in France. We’re going show the world that Pink is a colour that belongs to Skating in London and above all enjoy the ride.

Suffice to say personally I’m desperate to get all competitive and talk about lap times, nutrition and wheels and bearings, but lets be honest the only person I’m hoping to beat is me!!! (shhhhh maybe Asha too)

So it’s all good, any excuse to kick off my heel brake and get on the track and give it the beans has got to be a good thing.

If you’ve a burgeoning interest in competition skating, inline marathons or just getting a bit faster on the LFNS then drop us a line. We can help with instruction and if you’re looking to compete, finding a club in London is easy too.

In other news :

I’m now the proud owner (alongside the rest of the Skatefresh team) of a shiny new pair of Powerslide Hardcore Evo skates. Frankly I’m in Love….

I’m not sure about the pink wheels but you’ve got to love the Carbon Fibre full heat mouldable boot, the super stiff 4x80mm “alpha” frame and the fit is awesome.

In all seriousness, at Skatefresh we’re very happy to say that we like the skates and we’re grateful for the wonderful relationship we now have with Club Blue Room at Marble Arch in London and of course Powerslide,

BUT!!! These skates really are great…

(there’s a review to follow, check out the Club Blue room page for a link to equipment reviews)

as a parting shot, till my next blog.. roll on the balmy hot evenings, the London skate and sipping a beer outside the Vic after working all day with wonderful clients and friends… long may skating in London last.