How to Jump on Inline Skates Video Tutorial

Does the idea of jumping on skates fill you with fear?

Or, have you jumped and it went wrong and you had a hideous landing of some kind (I really hope not too painful), but it’s enough to put you off jumping on inline skates for life!

The fear is justified!

Jumping is a serious thing, because the jumping isn’t the problem. It’s the landing where it can all go wrong. The worst thing that can happen is you land with your weight on your heels. I even show you a demo of this precarious move and every time I do it (for class demos only), it gives me the willies!

Because when a landing does go wrong, it can be nasty. I’ve seen my fair share of failed jumped and as a figure skater in my teens I KNOW what a bad landing is…..

So here’s my best advice which I hope you use and practice and study and improve.

There is no greater joy than jumping something (one day) that you never even imagined doing. I have the majority of my jumps class students jumping my legs as I lie on the ground by the end of a 1.5hr class.

Let me know what you plan to be able to jump over? My favourite jumping obstacles are;

Manhole covers
Horse poo (in London’s Hyde Park)

Happy Practice!

Skate Well. Feel Alive x