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Jen's Private Lessons Enquiry Form July 2022 (#15)
James - Skate instructor Manchester

Jen – Brighton

Level 1 Instructor

Teaches: Adults & Kids, Inlines & Quads
Mon,Thur, Fri & Sat
Locations: Hove Lawns, Preston Park Velodrome
Level: Beginners & Improvers
£40/ph 1 person

As a professional stilt walker and fire artist I am no stranger to performing, but in 2014 my rollerskating journey began. My friend offered me a skating job in Morocco for New Years Eve. It sounded exciting…the only small issue – I couldn’t skate!

I had eight weeks to go from Bambi-Beginner to a proficient rollers skater. A bit like the “faking it” TV show! The pressure was on and this is where I called upon Asha to help.
In the eight wet cold weeks leading up to New Years eve I had private lessons with Asha and skated every day, whatever the weather. Against all odds we rocked the job and the clients loved us!

My business since then has created numerous skating characters that tour events worldwide. It’s the best job in the world! Skating, get dressed up and getting paid is a bonus.

In Brighton we have a growing skating community and I love to join in with our street skates, such a buzz! We have regular meet ups on the seafront which are such a tonic.

Skating has helped me in so many ways. Its unlocked an amazing community of friends all over the world. If you have wheels on your feet you’re in! I found skating was the only solution to my morning sickness which was constant for 9 months. That being said I went on Skatefresh trips and skated up to 6 months pregnant. I just couldn’t stop, I had the skating bug!

During the COVID-19 first lockdown, I really took to skate dance and was doing daily lessons online. I realised I was skating nearly every day in my kitchen. Skating kept me sane and feeling good!

Before I was a performance artist I had been a Sports Therapist & Personal trainer for over a decade. I have a love for fitness that has never really gone away.

It seemed like a natural progression to teach roller skating. What a great excuse to have more time on skates and share the amazing art of skating.

“Jen has been SO GREAT and so encouraging and she made it all so much fun, even though I found it super-scary to start with! Now I’m 50 I don’t pick things up as quickly as I used to and without Jen I couldn’t have nailed the basic techniques. I can go forwards and stop confidently which was my main goal, but now I’m thinking that turns and maybe even going backwards could be mine before the summer is out… What fun!”
– Jane, Brighton