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Group Skate classes:

Due to the Coronavirus situation in the UK, all Skatefresh group classes in London and Brighton ARE POSTPONED until further notice.

Private Skate Lessons:

We will continue to offer private tuition, paying close attention to the guidelines set out by the UK Government with regards to hygiene and social distancing

We wish all our clients and friends well and look forward to seeing you WHEN THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL

Beginner Inline Skating Lessons for adults

Next Beginner Inline Skating Lessons in London:

After completing your first beginner inline skating lesson, you will be eligible for 20% discount on all subsequent Skatefresh group classes.  You will be given a discount code by email for future bookings.

Never skated before and scared of injury by falling?

Skated years ago and want to start again?

Feel that you might be too old to learn a new sport?

Can skate a bit but can’t stop?


  • Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning with a professional instructor.
  • Learn to skate safely without falling.
  • Learn to skate forwards, stop and turn in your first lesson.
  • Improve your confidence so you can practice what you learned without fear.

What you will learn in the Beginner Inline Skating Lesson

The Beginner class starts on the grass where you will learn all the basic positions and go through the safety stuff without your wheels rolling around! You will learn all about your protective gear, how to fall correctly, how to prevent falling and how to skate absolutely right so that falling happens infrequently. Learning to skate should not be ‘trial and error’. It’s all about physics, motion and gravity and we will teach you about it all so that you learn to progress smoothly.

We focus on getting you rolling and teaching you to master the heel brake stop (which isn’t the easiest thing when it’s all new). We will also cover turning so that you’ll be fully manoeverable and able to skate, stop and turn. You will then have everything you need to practice on your own and continue improving after class.

If you are very anxious about skating or very fearful of falling over, we recommend a private lesson for your first time on skates. This will allow you to go at your own pace and fully digest the information being given, while your instructor will continually focus your attention where it is needed, thus reducing the possibility of falling. We teach the same methods in a private or group lesson, the only difference is having an instructor’s eyes only on you rather than shared by a group. Group classes are longer to allow practice time in the class and this is the main advantage of a group class, that after 3 hours most people are really starting to ‘get it’.

After completing our Beginner lesson, most people with some practice then continue to our Improver class. Others may feel that they need more help with the basic skills and opt to repeat the Beginner class.

Do you need some urgent help with your skating? Check out Asha’s free mini tutorials for help with heel braking and skating faster, especially for beginner and improver skaters.


What people say about our beginner skating lessons

“Many thanks for the class on Saturday –  it was just great. So lovely to be learning something again and she’s such  a brilliant teacher – I had a wonderful afternoon and have been boring friends and family about it ever since! I now have the confidence to head out to the park with my 7 yr old, knowing it will be fun and not catastrophic!”
– Samantha (42)

Cost : £45
Location: Albert Memorial – opposite the Albert Hall

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Please note: You will need to bring your own skates, wrist guards and knee pads as these are not supplied by Skatefresh - Click Here for Lesson Requirements page

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Do you need some urgent help with your skating? Check out Asha's free mini tutorials for help with heel braking and skating faster, especially for beginner and improver skaters