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Hugh's Private Lessons Enquiry Form July 2022
Barry - London Skate Instructor - Skatefresh

Hughie – London

ICP Level 1 Instructor

Teaches: Inlines & Quads Adults & Kids Days: Tues, Thur, Fri am, Sat, Sun Location: Hyde Park W2 Level: Beginners & Improvers Cost: £40/hr for 1 person Hughie says: Not being as young as I’d like hasn’t stopped me from skating or becoming a skate instructor for Skatefresh. My passion for skating and music led me to spending six years of my skate career as a roller disco marshal. Nothing combines the two like this 80’s phenomenon. I have also spent four of my years on wheels as a skate coach and captained the GB team in the 2011 Roll Ball in India. As well as private lessons for adults, children and families, I also teach in Skatefresh’s school projects. Comments from a parent of an 11 yr old child: “What an incredible instructor! Hughie was polite, kind, friendly, extremely professional and definitely on a child’s level. Sasha loved him and has leaned many new skills. The lesson was well structured and covered so much – more than we could ever have hoped for.”I’m loving my lessons with Hughie, He’s been so great at explaining everything in a way that makes sense to me personally, and he’s patient when I take forever to comprehend doing 5 things at once with my body.”  Charli Beeton 37 (London)