Happy 11th Birthday Skatefresh!

31st July 2010 Brighton Beach: The morning’s weather didn’t look promising: wet ground, grey clouds and windy. But I had a positive feeling it would improve (aided by the BBC weather team  having the same idea). And so it was. Glorious sunshine (again) for Skatefresh’s Birthday Brighton Beach Skate Day.  The chance for Skatefresh to take a weekend off (all of us) and celebrate the love of skating we have and share this with all our friends and students (past and present). It was also fantastic to see Skatefresh instructor Louise (and James) on skates again after 16 months off since baby Alex arrived. 

It was great to see new Skatefresh instructor Jo hanging out with Maya who will unfortunately be leaving Skatefresh in the autumn as she will be moving to Austria. But Maya hopes to return in Easter and Summer of 2011 to continue with Skatefresh children’s skate projects which she has been involved in for several years.

The slalomers were there, showing Brighton how it’s done and wowing the spectators all day long. Wonderful to see Grant in the flesh (having been entertained by his slalom videos throughout the year. 

The music team did us proud and we had both Thumpers and several Asboxes all linked up and the music selection was brilliant all day. Thank you to all involved.

We skated, ate lunch (everyone discovered The Regency for great fish and chips) and did the traditional Beach Stroll along the seafront to the Marina and to the end of Hove Lawns and back. 

Then the dancing began and I managed to get a large group of skate dancers willing to learn a quick routine and perfect it in minutes. I love how simple skate dance routines can look great when more than 10 people are in synch and it’s working. The audience of pedestrians stuck around and several have been inspired already to start skating from watching the proceedings. Later on, my hardy SkateDance students (Eddie, John, Tom, Tammy) wanted more and we did some New York Shuffle variations which I think looked really great. 

Thanks to the Camberley crew who made it down and joined in. I wish them huge success organising Goodwood marathon on 7th August. I also look forward to hearing about Matt and Caitlin’s Goodwood experiences. Caitlin has agreed to write a Blog entry about her build up for Goodwood following some lessons with Skatefresh which Matt gave her for her birthday. Having previously been ‘too slow’ she is now regularly completing Wednesday night skate and recently did her first Friday night. Next Goodwood. Now that’s what I call progress. Go Caitlin! 

When the sun started to go down, the light was beautiful and my usual Brighton work place was transformed into perfection. It was so great for me to share this space with other skaters and inspire Brighton’s skaters for more. The slow street skate back to my flat (for the after party) was delightful, I felt happy, satisfied and proud of what I have achieved in the 11 years I have been teaching skaters and instructors. Thanks for everyone’s support, friendship and encouragement over the years. Long may it continue!