Goodbye Maya – we’ll miss you

It is with great sadness that Skatefresh has to say goodbye to Maya who is leaving London on the 13th October to start her new life in Austria with her man Mathias. Maya joined Skatefresh a few years ago  after completing her ICP  instructor course.

Maya was the first new Skatefresh instructor who had not fulfilled the usual initial requirements. Previously, new instructors into Skatefresh had to come first or second in their ICP group. Maya’s ICP score was not near the top. However, Maya’s inherent likeability, indestructible enthusiasm and her passion for skating  (and skiing) led me to employ her on an intensive apprenticeship instructor programme. Maya has not disappointed.

During her time with Skatefresh she taught private lessons to adults and children , adult beginner, improver and intermediate course, SkateFit, SkateDance and Kids’ Club. Maya also taught for several years on a weekly basis at an East London school for children with special needs and autism. I had taught at that school for several years myself, but Maya took it over when I moved to Brighton. Occasionally if Maya was away I would return to do her shift and it was rather disconcerting when every single child approached me asking ‘where’s Maya?!’. They, and many other clients, are very sad to lose her. These include several London boroughs for whom Maya delivered numerous sport activity days as well as youth groups and community projects such as SoundCurrents in Walthamstow.

 She went on to pass her ICP level 2 a couple of years later and proved that her initial ICP score had not appreciated her potential. Maya participated in and was an integral part of many aspects of the London skating scene not least of all her activities in Skatefresh. In 2009 Maya went to Amsterdam with Skatefresh where her enthusiasm and passion were evident (where she assisted (pulled) a client almost entirely around the Amsterdam Friday night skate). Maya has skated Le Mans and also perfected her speed skating at Sardinian speed camp. During her time working with Skatefresh she became Skatefresh’s only other full time employee apart from myself; her first full month’s invoice was a tad frightening! I felt a great sense of responsibility knowing that someone else’s entire livelihood depended upon Skatefresh and I.

But Maya’s time in London wasn’t just about skating. She became a fully qualified yoga teacher and provider of exceedingly healthy organic snacks!

I will miss Maya personally and professionally, but consol myself with knowing she will always be a great friend and look forward to our connection continuing. Thak you for all you have contributed Maya. May universal energies guide and support her always.

In her last few weeks with us Maya has welcomed Jo and Alex to the Skatefresh team who will take over the bulk of her school’s and children teaching.