First steps on Triskates for kids: Video tutorial

This video was commissioned and created by Powerslide so there are no subtitles. My apologies. I am the only non-Brazilian instructor online who makes video products either in Portuguese or with subtitles. However, just follow along with each exercise in the order shown and you can still benefit from the content.

I’m being asked many questions about Triskates, but the most common question is,

“How do I know if I’m good enough for Triskates?”

Anyone can skate on Triskates, even complete beginners and children! As long as beginner skaters on Triskates learn to use the heel brake correctly, there is no reason why they can’t begin on three wheels. This video shows you how.

Please share this video with your friends who need help getting started or any children who you know are struggling on their skates.

I hope it helps.